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Highlighters I've Decluttered

I was never a highlighter person, until this year, when the makeup floodgates were open. I never realized before that there was shimmery powder available to put on your face, and once I did learn this I was very excited.

I feel I do own a lot of highlighters, but I've decluttered a few that I wanted to talk about.
Let's go!

1.) Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight sample, pressed powder. I bought this from ebay, so I was using it not a 100% sure that it was legitimate, which I think affected the way I viewed the product on my face. Still, this is a too subtle powder that I feel does not really add anything noticeable to the face. I consider Reserve Your Cabana from WnW to be a subtle highlight, as it gives a sheen that is not sparkly. Candlelight did not impress me, so I ended up decluttering the sample (which still cost me $16...).

2.) Shiro Cosmetics, Vessel for Dissacharides. I've talked about decluttering this before on my blog, and I struggled with that decision, but I don't …

EoTD: Rose Gold and Mud (w/pictures)


Today I was having a spot of trouble with my makeup- liner, specifically. It does not get easier, people. I don't know why.

Anyway, today I continued with trying to use shades from the Modern Renaissance: Burnt Orange, Raw Sienna, and Tempera, as well as my new single eye shadow, Rose Chrome on the lid.

I don't have any pictures of this specific look, because when I got home I felt like adding to the look for no particular reason. I used my dupe of the Venus 2 palette (from Okalan), the shade Mud in the outer corner of the eye.

Here is what I came up with:

I really like the Mud shade, and its proven quite nice. It blended pretty well the shades from the Modern Renaissance.

As for the Rose Chrome shade, it's nice, and good for a simple look with a touch of glam. It lasted a long time, throughout the entire day. You can also see a thin strip of beige liner above my eyeliner- which was my quick fix for screwing up the eyeliner. Again, it's hard at 5 in the morning.

FoTD (text post): All Matte

Today was a rather dreary day, and I did not feel like doing much with my makeup. I didn’t wear any face primer, or glittery eyeahadow. However, I do feel like my makeup looked pretty good. Let’s go over it shall we:
Today’s eyelook was a combination of three palettes. Now, I know a lot of people hate doing this, but as I’ve said before, I don’t really mind it, as usually I am working with smaller palettes anyway, because I own mostly small palettes. The three palettes were:
Tarteist Pro To Go: Drive- A rosey, dusty, light brown shade used in the crease and all over the lid. This is is beautiful, simple color, that I feel is a dupe for a Colourpop shadow that I used up- I forget the name of it. Unlike the colourpop super shock shadow, though, this one blended with the other colors beautifully. Dose of Colours EyesCream Palette: Berries n Cream: On tbe brow bone. In pictures with flash, this looks a lot brighter than it actually is. Cone: The best matte in this palette. A sister shad…

Golden Modern Renaissance EoTD (w/ pictures!)

Today I liked my eye look a lot, so much so that I actually tried to take decent pictures. The look today involved some old and new favorites, so I'll talk about all of that now!

Here is the look:

I used the Wet n Wild eyeshadow primer all over my eye, and then Tempera from the MR palette to set it. I have nearly entirely panned all of Tempera.

In the crease I have a mix of Raw Sienna (mostly) and Burnt Orange. They are very close in terms of color, but for some reason I favor Burnt Orange. As a way to use up more of Raw Sienna, I've just been more conscious of incorporating it into eye looks.
Realgar and Red Ochre are on the outer corner and blended into the crease. 
I then took Too Faced Glitter Insurance on the lid and packed on top a gold shade depotted from the BH Cosmetics 28 Foil shadows. 
In the inner corner, and along the bottom lash line, I used Primavera, the gold shimmer from MR.
After putting on my makeup, I headed over to Target and made an impulse purchase- the …

Products I've Been Loving Lately


I neglected to post a September favorites article because I didn't really have anything new to talk about, which I think is a good thing. However, I do have some products in mind that kind of overlap between September and October. So, with that in mind, let's begin!

1.) Cinema Secrets Brush Cleansing Spray: This stuff does not dry out the bristles, though some quick-sprays do. It is way more expensive that I'd like, but it does a great job of thoroughly and quickly cleaning brushes. I've been using this quite often lately.

2.) Ittse highlighter in Hustle and Glow. This came as part of an ipsy deal with a palette and another highlighter, though this one was the superior one. I've been using it all week. What I really like about it is that though this is a powder highlighter, the consistency is cream-like. A little goes a long way, and it has a translucent quality on the skin that makes it look quite natural.

3.) Wet 'n Wild. Period. I've never conside…

October Ipsy Glam Bag Reveal

Tonight I'll post the items I'll be getting for October 2017, and then re-post this with updates as I use the products.

September was an awesome month full of products I am still getting a lot of use out of.

Judging from people's initial reactions to their glam bags, I don't think October is very buzz-worthy.

But, let's take a lot at the products I am getting, and I'll try to put down my initial thoughts!

Update, 10/11/17. So I have used all of these products for a day, and I've got some thoughts about the glambag! Please see the text in blue for my review. 

1. Urban Decay Black Eyeliner, Sample Size (.8 g) The sample size is a little larger than half of the full-size, but for simplicity's sake I'll price it at $10.00.
The way my eyes are shaped, I can only really use pencil liners to the outer corner of my eye, to the center. Then I used a liquid liner to line the rest of my eye. In that way, this way a perfectly fine liner that did not leak. I am ju…

Look of the Day (Text Post)

I don't know what it was, but I hated my makeup today.

 I have some breakouts around my mouth area- have no idea what's causing them- and my foundation and concealer did nothing to diminish the redness, not even after using setting powder.

What else?

Even though I used my favorite shadows for my eye look, the weird discoloration/shadow in the crease of my right eye is driving me crazy. I don't know if my mind is just exaggerating it, or if colors do appear muddy on that section of my eye.

I think it all might be tied to coming back from an extra day off at work, and readjusting.

The only thing that I liked about my makeup today was the highlighter I got from ittse, called Hustle and Glow. This stuff is legit. Even one light swipe gets me intense shine.

Tomorrow morning I am going to test out some ipsy October products, including the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores pressed powder. I think I also want to try the loose eyeshadow from Meech and MIa. It is actually a duochrome, and …

Makeup Confessions Tag

I watched a YouTube video by Kelly Gooch today, in which she talked about her "makeup confessions," or cult-faves that she's never tried.

I thought I would do that today.

1. I have never bought an Urban Decay Naked palette- in any iteration- and I probably never will. I just don't think the palettes are extraordinarily interesting, and I have so much eyeshadow already that I'm good. And I don't know if this is something that is specific to me or not, but I just don't think UD has great shade variety within their own palettes. There are a lot of repeats.

2. Morphe- I talked about this before in brands I will not buy from. Marketing tactics aside, I hate the idea of these large palettes. I am very indecisive, and I know I will never use up all that product.

3. Kat von D Shade and Light- both face and eye contour palettes. So... I actually did have the opportunity to buy a half-off shade and light contour palette from TJ Maxx today, but then I thought better…

Small Haul (WnW and Hard Candy) and Reviews!

Today in my local Walmart there was a Wet 'n Wild (WnW) holiday display, and boy it was ransacked. Still, I was able to get my hands on Royal Calyx. I wanted a duochrome highlighter with a touch of blue/lavender, and this got reasonable (but now glowing) reviews. 
Though this is the same design and weight as Precious Petals (the other megaglow highlighter I own), I think the formula is rather different. While Precious Petals feels creamy and smooth, Royal Calyx was slightly dry and grittier. 
Still, I thought it was really pretty on my face. It did not really emphasize texture. 
I also picked up a Hard Candy lipstick, because I did hear the reviews for the cream lipsticks were quite positive. 
The shade I purchased was Bloodline, because it reminded me of Klingon Blood Wine. It is super creamy- almost melts on the mouth- and is incredibly rich and pigmented. My skin is pretty light, so I have to be extra careful with this to avoid staining the skin around my mouth. 
Below, I have…

Eye of the Day (with pics!): Purple and Bronze

I really take horrible photos of my eye. Sheesh. Hope you can pardon the photo quality, as I go through the different products I used, how I used them, and how I think the look came out.
To set my eye primer, I used Wet 'n Wild Brulee all over the eye.
Then, I took the fuschia matte shade in the Marc Jacobs palette The Tease, and blended that through. On the outer corner, I used the Mud shade from the Okalan Venus 2 palette dupe, as well as the dark brown in the Dose of Colors EyesCream palette.
I then used Too Faced Glitter Glue on my lid, and the shade Boss on top of that. 
I used Physician's Formula liner, as well as the Makeup Forever XL liner heavier on the outer portion of my eye. 
I used Vanessa's Vanity sparkler in 6 pm on the inner corner. 
For mascara I used the Doucce one from Ipsy. 

Overall, it was an okay look. It lasted a long time- all day, even through humidity and sweat, but you can see some creasing.

1. The Marc Jacobs purple shadow: It blended nicely, but …

"All the Damn Palettes" tag!

One of my favorite makeup bloggers, Makeupstruggles, posted a collab video with another blogger I quite like, Georgia Harris. Basically, the collab was a compilation of all the eyeshadow palette tags in existence.

Being an eyeshadow junkie myself, I decided to join the fun! Remember, these all will be palettes that are/once have been in my possession, and purchased by me.

Palette Tag #1:

1. Best packaging:

I am not really a sucker for packaging, but my Marc Jacobs seven-pan palette in The Tease (202), has such nice packaging. Though Marc Jacobs is an asshole, and I would not buy a single thing from him ever again (discounted or not), I have to admit that the packaging is sleek and luxe.

2. Color Payoff:

I don't think the intensity of pigmentation necessarily means the shadow is good for you, but my Milani Palette in Must Have Metallics is insane. To the point where they need glitter glue, and even outshine my more expensive metallic shadows.

3. Most Versatile

Hands down, my Dose of Colors…

Wet 'n Wild: Fair Trade Coffee Trio

If you don't see how reading a review of a discontinued product from 2015 is useful for you, then I totally understand. Feel free not to read.

For me, this is useful to write because I've got a weird collector/treasure hunter mentality about discontinued Wet 'n Wild products.

It started when I bought their elusive six-pan palettes for less than a dollar on Amazon.

And then came Kimberly Clark, one of my favorite YouTubers who swore  up and down that the highlighter from this trio was one of her HG highlighters.

I love Wet 'n Wild, but never paid much attention to their makeup in the past. I am shuddering to think about all I missed out on. After buying the Greed palette, and hearing about this trio, I paid another visit to Amazon, to see if there was a chance of someone selling the product.

And there was! I bought it for $5.00, and it's still on Amazon!

But was it worth it?

Let me first show you the swatches:

If I did not have so many highlighters and bronzers and …

Me When I Saw the Urban Decay Holiday Palette 2017

The new Urban Decay Holiday 2017 palette:


I feel as though I was just talking about how UD has been oddly silent on what they were rolling out for Holiday 2017. And here we are.

So, yeah. I'm not buying this. Nooooooooo.

Yes, it's metallic. And I love a good shimmer. It's colorful. It's also neutral. But let's put that aside and do a good old fashioned TMO:

1.) The packaging is a disaster. I repeat: a disaster. It's basically one long tray with a mirror in the middle of two pairs of eyeshadow rows on either end. So how are you supposed to use this, or even hold it? And it looks like it comes with a lid or sleeve or something. This is so unpractical that I actually find it quite ugly to look at.

2.) Don't know what the price will be, but I promise it will be too expensive.

3.) Color selection: I recently learned a secret about shimmer eyeshadows. Let's say you have two bronze shimmer eyeshadows- one is slightly more red-toned than the other. But gues…

Organization of My Blush and Highlighter Pans + Swatches of Ittse highlighter


Today I received in the mail an order I placed with Ipsy last week. It is an ittse palette, with two highlighter pans, all for $15.

I decided, however, to use the ittse palette for my blushes, and I am very happy with the result. All the blushes fit perfectly, and I know I will get much use out if it. The palette itself it sturdy and substantial, and has a plastic sheet to protect the mirror from the powder. I didn't think I would appreciate this, but I definitely do.

This is what the palette looks like on the outside:

It is a cool-toned gold faux leather casing.
In the palette, the first four shadows are my depotted Tarina Tarantino dollskin palette blushes. I do not regret depotting those, because the packaging was awful. The bottom two blushes from left to right are Makeup Geek Puppy Love and Pixi in Beach Rose. The Pixi blush was super easy to depot, and I am so pleased with the result. Not to give myself too much praise, but this looks like the scheme to one of those…

Look of the Day: October 2 (text)

For the 0 of you reading this, I hope you don't mind that I don't provide pictures of my face. By the time I sit down at night with a cup of tea to post these things, my makeup is long gone.

I would describe my look today as "cool-toned." I'll go ahead with a description and review of the products used:


1. Milani Eyeshadow Primer: I still enjoy this, and it currently the only primer I use. I am interested though, in branching out to more high-coverage primers, just to see what it's like.

2.Modern Renaissance Palette: Buon Fresco in the crease, Love Letter lightly blended in. I also brought in the Blueberry Swirl shade from the Dose of Colors EyesCream Palette to diffuse the strong pink. Over the lids I used my Ardency Inn Manuka Honey Pigment in Rose Gold.

For me, the Rose Gold shade instantly makes a look special, and I am really glad that I bought it. It's one of those shades that looks great with both warm and cool complementary colors.

I have to…

TMO: (2) Holiday Palettes

Today someone on MUA reddit brought up the fact that an Urban Decay holiday palette is missing. I mean, it's only the first day of October, but it did get me thinking. Can we expect another Vice palette? Or Spectrum palette? Who knows, I wouldn't buy those.

Moving on, today's TMO invovles palettes whose promotional images have been released. We'll begin with an image from the blog ReallyRee, who is able to get a hold of these more luxury brand products to review ahead of time:
So this retails for 60 pounds, which translates to about $80.

For me, I wouldn't personally need a TMO, because for $80 I would buy a Viseart palette, if I wanted to spend that amount on eyeshadow anyway. Which I don't.

Charlotte Tilbury is an interesting concept as a brand to me. Similar to Bobbi Brown. She is a makeup artist, and yet I would not call these "Pro" products. I don't think the quality of her products are that noteworthy. What is conveyed to me through branding…

Face Powders I Want to Hit Pan On! (text only)

After doing a post on my eyeshadow palette, I want to write an update post on face powders I want to hit pan on!

1.) The Mary Loumanizer Highlighter by The Balm. I use this quite a bit, and I've had it for 11 months. It's reported as lasting 12 months. I am going to keep using it past the date because there is just so much product. If I sanitize it every so often and keep an eye on it, I think I can get use out of it past November 2017. That being said, I want to pan it by then. This was my first more expensive highlighter, and I still really like it. It is more gold than I would have liked, but it's just the right level of shimmery.

2. Wet 'n Wild, Reserve Your Cabana (RYC). I've got quite some time on this, as it is reported as expiring in a year in a half, which is fine for me. However, I still want to pan this because 1.) it has quite bulky packaging and takes up a lot of space in my drawer, and 2.) I can see the faint outlines of the pan on the surface of the …

Drugstore Palettes: Ranking and Reviews

I own six palettes on the more expensive side of the spectrum. Two of them are larger palettes, and the rest of them are smaller-sized, including one "mini palette."

As for drugstore priced palettes, I've got five. Today I wanted to rank them according to quality and how much I choose to use them.

All five are commendable in their own way, but all vary in their effectiveness for me. Only the palettes that I am talking about for the first time on this blog will be swatched. I will link to the reviews for the others.

Let's begin with the one I use the least:

5. Milani Palette in Earthly Elements ($10.67). One, I am not loving the price increase on these. When they were first introduced, they cost $9.99. Not a huge price difference, but I am having trouble believing they are over $10.00. This is a pretty popular palette, but only valuable in my eyes for the two mattes. The one glitter shade is a total dud. There is a satin peach that has no pigmentation, and the two shi…

Z-Palette Updates and Progress!

Yay, another z-palette post! I haven't done one of them in a very long time, and I am so excited. I added a few things, took away a few things, resurrected some eyeshadows from makeup purgatory, you know, the usual! Today I thought I would talk about notable additions to my z-palette.
I don't particularly think this is the palette to end all palettes. But for what I have, I know I could just take this with me and I'd be set. In addition to this palette, I have 9 palettes total. All my eyeshadow is mostly drugstore/affordable/discounted, with some full price high-end thrown in.
Let's get to it! Let's first talk about brand new additions:
1. Angel Face by Coloured Raine. This is in the "fifth" column of my palette, the second one down. It is a reported dupe for MuG's "Peach Smoothie," and I think Orange Soda by ABH. I can see why shades such as this are excellent for helping to create blended-out, warm looks. I've really been enjoying thi…

Face of the Day: Brownish Glowy Look and Product Reviews


Today I thought I would do an in-depth product review for my face of the day.

On weekdays, I don't really like to stray from my tried and true products, because 1.) the time crunch and 2.) I need to feel secure that they will hold up.

That leaves weekends for experimenting. I very much enjoy trying old favorites and testing new products during this time.



1. Eye primer: Milani. This actually something I do use daily. At one point it seemed like I had tons of different eye primers, but I did a declutter, as well as used up an entire UD primer potion. Milani has a great dupe for the primer potion, and I highly recommend it.

2. Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy: As much as I love this, I do normally save it for weekends or special occasions, on days when I need my eyes to last all day. Today, however, I was curious to see how it would act with a new palette for my eyes, so I also used it.

3. Wet n' Wild Face Primer: This came as a free sample with my purchase of their …

What did I buy? Slow buy for the month of September.

As much as I love to tear down products, I also like to talk about the things I've gotten. I've been really into makeup for the past two years, but early on I definitely felt the mad rush to buy the new and flashy palettes. I've grown a bit since then, especially because of the fact that I don't enjoy spending more money than I have to. 
My curiosity has been piqued recently by the brand Okalan, as well as the online vendor, Hush. Hush sells products at affordable prices, but also carries higher-end brands like Sigma and The Balm.
There's not much on the Okalan palettes, but the little I've read says that Okalan does a good job of duping higher-end palettes, for a fraction of the price. Most notably, they've duped the LimeCrime Venus 1 & 2 palettes, which is fortunate, because I don't want to support Limecrime. 
I myself picked up the Okalan Venus 2 dupe, because I wanted to ride that Subculture cool-toned wave in some way. 
This is what the palette…

September Ipsy 2017

My September Ipsy bag is due to arrive this Monday, but I would thought I'd once again go over the products and what my hopes/expectations are for each of them.

I am also getting an additional sixth product in my bag, which I redeemed some points for, so I will include that as well.

I've been using this palette for a couple of days now, and I have some thoughts! Overall, I think that this was probably one of the best months for me!  

1. The bag: I've been loving the bag designs recently. For me, the worst bag of all time had to be that blue denim with orange lining they did February. This September is really busy for me, work-wise, so I think this utilitarian-subtle fashion thing is really fitting. I am not sure how I feel about the faux-leather, though. Any time Ipsy sends bags that are not some sort of fabric, they have a weird smell to them.

2. Color Pop Cosmetics Gloss in Ipsy VIP: Not going to lie, I got a real kick out of getting a ColourPop product, and an e…