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TMO: ALL of the Nyx Element Palettes

In the spirit of the anti-haul, we are continuing down the road of bashing things we don't need to buy.

Let me get this straight, though. I love the IDEA of this series. I love THEMED products, there's a story to them that the user can infer from the product. It's cute.

It's also eyeshadow. And just like ones horoscope, it's important that we don't mold ourselves to objects we think represent us, but rather be able to choose on our accord. Or rather, abstain from depending entirely upon objects to define us at all.

I don't know how that applies to these palettes. I'm feeling quite philosophical.

Any fan of Avatar, the Last Airbender, Pokemon, Captain Planet, or anyone who thinks horoscopes are fun, and who also likes makeup are going to like these palettes.

! Let's start. All images were reprinted in Allure magazine, from Nyx's own snapchat. I've put the link to the Allure article here. You can click on the images to get a closer look.

1. Th…

Products I am Trying to Use Up [Update 8/27]

I am by no means a Project Panner. I don't like feeling rushed to use or complete a product, especially because I don't think my collection is necessarily out of control. However, there are a couple of products I have that I like,

 but I really want to use up. So, today I'll go through each of these products, and whether or not I will repurchase them.

As of 8/27, I've made some progress in this pile of products! For the sake of ease, I've included that update throughout my reviews! 

1. Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist.
First, the positives. I do love how this makes my skin look and feel, especially after finishing makeup application. It is refreshing and does, for me, help with oil control. Negatives: The spray has become so annoying to use. I am about 78% finished with the product, but the spray really got worse over time. It's hard to press, and does not create a fine mist.

2. Wet n Wild Setting Spray
 So I had some of this product still in the bottle. But from prior e…

K-Beauty: Hits and Misses, vol 1

Bon nuit! Today's post is all about my experience with Korean Beauty products, also known as K-Beauty.

Some of these I've purchased from Amazon (some no longer available), but many actually have come from my local CVS Pharmacy.

I'll review each product, and give a quick review, using a HIT or MISS scoring system. Lessgo!

These first three products are actually empties! 
I. Tony Moly Magic Food Mushroom Cream Pore Pack, 30 mL mask, $12.61. First off, this stuff smells like chocolate pudding. And the packaging is so cute. It does dry down on the face and easy is washed/wiped away with a damp cloth. I believe I purchased this because Lisa Eldridge was talking about it. It is no longer sold by Amazon. Does it do a good job of clarifying the skin? Yes, mostly, but I feel I have used better ones. On the whole, though, I'd say this was a HIT. 

2. TONYMOLY Egg Pore Tightening Cooling Pack For Pore, $8.12. Bought from Amazon. No longer sold. This mask is a grey-white mask with a…

What I do Want to Buuuuh-uuuy

So, after all my TMOing and antihauling, I do have a couple of things on the docket of items I actually do want to buy. I thought I would share them today!

I should note that I do research makeup, sometimes a bit obsessively. So all the of products listed here below are the result of a modicum of research.

1. City Color Shimmer Eyeshadow. Each single is sold for $4 on the City Color website, and you can also buy them in trios on Amazon for $15-$14. I was thiiiis close to buying a trio in Amazon, thinking for some reason that the products were being discontinued. They're not. And I hate the color combinations they put together for the trios anyway. So yeah. Very close to buying them. And in the future, if I need a shimmer eyeshadow, I'll just buy a single straight from the company site.

Wait, why should I care about eyeshadow from City Color? Well, they hold the distinction of being ridiculously highly rated. On Temptalia- though I don't believe her opinion is the final wor…

Anti-Haul/TMO: BIG Palettes

Is Hautelook worth it? (essay)

A few weeks ago, Tarte was on Hautelook, a website that offers daily flash-sales. The Make Believe in Yourself palette was on sale for I believe $24, and boy, was I tempted.

Lorac is also on there quite a bit, and I have been tempted to purchase stuff from there before, even though they are on my personal "no fly list." I believe they are on there this week, with products from some collections from a couple of months ago, including the I Love Brunch collection, and the California Dreaming collection. However, I restrained myself and bought nothing.

When it comes to buying and selling, I am by no means an expert. However, there are a couple of things that I have noticed over the past two years when it comes to "sales" and why for me Hautelook is a rather pointless endeavor when it comes to makeup.

1.) What goes on Sale are not the well-loved items.

They really are not. You are not going to EVER see a Megapro palette on Hautelook, because those retail for 50-somethin…

Destashed Eyeshadow Singles

Hi all! Today I was going through my z-palette and took out three shades that I think for me did not really have a place in my palette. Now, I do think my z-palette has a lot of redundancy and can be pared down even further, but for these three there was just no reason for me to keep them in my daily rotation.

Interestingly, these three all came from the same palette: the BH cosmetics 28 shade foil eyeshadow collection. Now I think this was an excellent palette, and I still have many from the palette, but I either had dupes for the three shades that I picked, or other shades that I used much more.

These are the three:
from l-r, we have a yellow shimmer, a red/copper shimmer, and a light beige shimmer.

For me, though I love yellow eyeshadow, I currently am more interested in matte yellows. The copper shade is very red, but I have a higher quality dupe in the Milani metallic palette. The last one I thought was a dupe for Stila Kitten, but when I actually ended up with Kitten, I found Ki…

What I Did Buy: August 2017

Hello! I've spent so much time anti-hauling and ranting and raving about what I don't need to buy, so today I thought I would talk about some recent purchases I've made, why I made them, etc. They're mostly all eyeshadow! I'll organize them according to what I already have been using, and what has yet to arrive!

Products I've Been Using/ Cost:

Wet 'n Wild Greed Palette/ $.98. I've been really interested in discontinued makeup recently, and I heard about this palette after reading a thread on that very subject. This palette was really cheap, but the two mattes in here are very special. Each pan has the same pressed design as the eyeshadow singles currently sold today, but I am convinced they are of a different formula. The mattes in this palette are smoother, and just as opaque. They are still being sold on Amazon, so I would highly recommend getting one. Nyx Butter Gloss in Praline/ $5.00. This is such a pretty lipgloss. I actually use it in place of lip …

TMO: Mermaid Makeup Edition

One of my most popular items on this blog has been my little rant on makeup, mermaids, and unicorns. Honestly, though, if I had to choose, I think mermaids makes more sense for me in terms of its role in makeup branding? Huh. Maybe not.

Anyway, rant aside, I have a few products that I want to mention today as part of this TMO. As with all of my TMOs, I will try to show promotional images from the brands, and give measured criticism.

The first product I want to mention is really a generality. I am talking about full indie eyeshadow/highlighter palettes. For me, I think the highlighter palettes are a tad more grievous. Here we have Bitter Lace Beauty's "Mermaid Dreams Bundle," costing $214.00

I find this to be audacious and disgusting. Hear me out. 
1. These are all swirled highlighters. The swatches on the site showcase the different tones in each pan. However, what do they look like when mixed together?  2. This is a palette of highlighters. HIGHLIGHTERS. The difference …

Ipsy August 2017 Review

Many Ipsy reviews tabulate the cost of the bag, which I think is a tricky practice. It is hard to pin down the exact value of something because 1.) markups 2.) subjectivity. If you are not going to use something then it really has no value to you, does it?

Before I go into any more detail, the items I received in my August 2017 bag were:
1.) Crown Medium Contour Brush, $7.00
2.) The Balm Eyeshadow Single Sample, 0.6 g, $2.92 (using the unit price of the Bon Voyage 2 palette)
3.) (2) Secret Key Face Masks,$2.00
4.) Makeup Forever Excessive Lash Sample $7.14
5.) Naked Cosmetics Translucent HD Finishing Powder (full size) $15.00

Total (approximate price) $33.00

Overall, I think this is a really solid bag. I will use all the products. Finding the market value of all these items is a bit harder. If I go price per gram of the original cost of the item, of course it will be a lot higher than if I do price per gram of the discounted price. However, I believe that "discounts" are more…

TM(yself)O: Summer/Fall Palette Edition

Hello! So, the makeup world is in a perpetually changing state, and today I have some new and not so new releases to talk myself (and perhaps you, reader) out of. Now, some releases I don't bother with acknowledging (Limecrime, Jeffree Star, Kylie, etc), because I know I will never purchase from them.

The products mentioned today are specifically things I would buy, for one reason or another, but also products I feel like I do not want to/nor should.

All images used in this review are promotional images releases by the company, used by me to critique and provide commentary.

First up is the Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Palette ($50.00). Now, this will be a permanent item. There is no rush. NONE. Furthermore, if you have the Modern Renaissance, you have most of this palette:

Now, I know they are not identical. As I have mentioned before somewhere on this blog, the strengths of this palette over MR are more of a variety of shimmers. However, I personally can't purchase this kno…

Sparkly EoTD w/ Fyrinnae!

For today's look, a couple of things going one.

One: I am getting tired of the whole "set your primer" spiel. One, my lids are not oily. Two, I don't think it does me any favors. I have been getting frustrated with a lot of my looks lately because I feel the colors are muddying together.

Two: I am trying something a little new with eyeliner. I have always liked the look of a legit wing, but it is a scary endeavor. Today I think I worked out a "baby wing" thing that I am going to keep practicing, and continue to use.

Products used:

1- From the Tarteist Pro to go palette: Drive (a pink-toned light brown)
2- Wet n Wild Brulee single (a warm toned cream)
3- Warm Taupe from the Modern Renaissance palette
4- Fyrinnae Single Mythical Dalliance ("rosy and bronze sparkle with lime green shift")

5-Stila Cosmetics- Kitten (champagne shimmer)
6- Milani primer
7- Physicians Formula Eyebooster AND Milani Eye Tech Extreme (for the wing)
8- Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy

EoTD with z-palette single shadows

Good morning!

You know, it's ironic. In my quixotic quest to find the ideal purple eyeshadow, I think I have come to the point where I don't know purple eyeshadow even works on me.

Today's look mainly involved four single eyeshadows. I am trying to go back to enjoying the colors of my z-palette, especially because I know I have to destash at least one of them.

So, we have:
1.) Wet n Wild Creme Brule
2.) Coastal Scents Victorian Pear
3.) Coastal Scents Panama Rose
4.) ABH in Fudge

Now, I chose Victorian Pear as my transition color because it's on my list for possible shades to destash. It's a nondescript satin taupe, but randomly with green glitter that barely shows up.There are literally pieces of green glitter embedded in the shadow. When I first saw that, I thought it was a mistake. But when I actually used the color, I found the glitter was throughout. I'll try to post a picture of what I am talking about:

Anyway, I really liked how the shadow performed. It …

Indie Produtcs Round-Up

Hi all!

Today I thought I would share all of the powder products (and some misc) I have purchased from indie brands. Now, I love indie brands. I love that many times you get a great value, interesting designs and concepts that you would never see (although times are changing) typically in major cosmetics brands. I also love the fact that perhaps if there is a color or product you once wanted but was discontinued, or too expensive, indie companies might have your back. That being said, I don't think that just because a company or product is indie, it is inherently better than a larger makeup company. As you will see below, I myself have only really dipped into indie products, but I feel I have come away with some hits and some misses.

1.) Light Grey Contour Powder from Lunatick Cosmetick Labs. This I use mostly in the winter, when I really need to take away warmth from a bronzer. Because I did order a product that was too light, I cannot use this on its own. It is a light grey powd…

EoTD with Maybelline's City Mini Palette

Good morning/afternoon!

I will eventually make a makeup organization post, but for now I will say that my current system of organization has really been inspiring to me, and has reminded me of what I have and can do.

For instance, I was reminded that Maybelline's City Mini Palette in Downtown Sunrise is one of the best drugstore palettes that I have used in a while, and I wanted to use it again today.

Downtown Sunrise, as well as the other palettes in the collection, is a smart assortment of shades and finishes. It is not the most neutral palette in the collection, but it is on the more neutral side, with also pops of color. I have previously reviewed this palette, and did take off points for pigmentation. However, I do not think that a worth or value of a palette can be determined by pigmentation alone. I am still drawn to this palette because it can be built up, and I love the texture of the shimmers.

Today's look used all the colors in the palette, as well as one shade from…