Thursday, August 3, 2017

Eyeshadow Files, pt 2: Pulp Fiction Palette

For my second installment of Eyeshadow Files, we have a very interesting palette from Urban Decay. When this palette came out I was really was taken with it, being a Quentin Tarantino fan, but I was not so into makeup, nor did I have the funds, to purchase it. This is the all-matte palette- the Pulp Fiction Palette.

A couple of years later I found one being song on ebay, so I bought it! This palette relaxes me for some reason. It is not demanding, the shadows are easy to work with; it is just a damn good palette.

Let's take a look:

Panned Shades: 

Heavily Used Shades:
Righteous- the only one with a significant dip in it. This is a little warmer than my skintone, but it makes an excellent base. 

Moderately Used Shades:
Tyranny: Very useful for the crease. I have many shadows similar to this in my stash.  
Vengeance- Dark brown with hints of shimmers. Blends beautifully. Why don't I use this?!

Rarely Used Shades:
Furious- I used to blend this in the very outer corner to create a gradient, and I remember liking the effect. Don't know why I stopped doing that. 
Anger- Not a useless shade, but not as pigmented as Furious. Acceptable to use as inner corner highlight. 

Level of Usability overall NOW: (on a rating from 1-impossible to use to 5- super easy). 5

Course of Action:
1. Remember to integrate Vengeance and, to a lesser extent, Tyranny into looks.
2. Blend a bit of black into the outer corner.
3. Do more all-matte looks. 

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