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Indie Produtcs Round-Up

Hi all!

Today I thought I would share all of the powder products (and some misc) I have purchased from indie brands. Now, I love indie brands. I love that many times you get a great value, interesting designs and concepts that you would never see (although times are changing) typically in major cosmetics brands. I also love the fact that perhaps if there is a color or product you once wanted but was discontinued, or too expensive, indie companies might have your back. That being said, I don't think that just because a company or product is indie, it is inherently better than a larger makeup company. As you will see below, I myself have only really dipped into indie products, but I feel I have come away with some hits and some misses.

1.) Light Grey Contour Powder from Lunatick Cosmetick Labs. This I use mostly in the winter, when I really need to take away warmth from a bronzer. Because I did order a product that was too light, I cannot use this on its own. It is a light grey powder, with excellent staying power.

2.) Eyeshadow Single in Invocation by Lunatick Cosmetick Labs. This single is currently in my z-palette and I don't really use it. I don't feel that the pigmentation is all that great. It is a slightly shimmery cool-toned mauve/pink, but the formula is not what I am used to, and I don't use it all that often. It's sort of nondescript for me.

3.) Shiro Highlighting Powder in Vessel for Disaccharides: Unfortunately I've moved this to my makeup purgatory. It is a beautiful powder with really pretty sparkles, but I can't wear this on day-to-day basis. If I could, I would.

4.) Shiro eyeshadows in There's No Such Thing as Magic and *** (very long name). I reviewed both of these on my blog, and the full name of the light peach matte is there, too. Both are fine, but No Such Thing as Magic Oxidizes.

5.) Fyrinnae Cosmetics eyeshadows, loose. I can't believe I lost Serendipity. It was my favorite. These are really pretty glittery shadows, but so much work for the morning.

6.) Life's Entropy contour stick in Proton- also reviewed on my blog. Love this!

7.) Cherry Pit Crafts Incense Cones- my favorite- even ordering it twice- is Toasted Marshmallow. I love this store and plan to continue purchasing incense from them.

6.) *Just purchased as part of the 50% of sale:  two singles from Vanessa's Vanity in Tangy Dijon and 6 pm sparkler. So I was lead to Vanessa's Vanity after searching for a yellow matte shadow. Colourpop's Yes Please palette has been out of stock for forever, and my plan B was to buy Cantaloupe Slice from the Coastal Scents website. However, that is also out of stock. So then I went to etsy and searched for a yellow matte that way- and lo and behold! Vanessa's Vanity is swatched and reviewed constantly by Our Beauty Cult.

I am so looking forward to trying out her products, especially the yellow.

So, to wrap up. I personally thinking that as with anything in life, buying from indie brands needs to be sensible. My own bleh experiences come from buying things that I did not see reviews of. That is key. Because no matter what, indie products will always seem special and unique and quality. Reviews, however, will help you determine if that actually is the case.


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