Saturday, August 5, 2017

EoTD with Maybelline's City Mini Palette

Good morning/afternoon!

I will eventually make a makeup organization post, but for now I will say that my current system of organization has really been inspiring to me, and has reminded me of what I have and can do.

For instance, I was reminded that Maybelline's City Mini Palette in Downtown Sunrise is one of the best drugstore palettes that I have used in a while, and I wanted to use it again today.

Downtown Sunrise, as well as the other palettes in the collection, is a smart assortment of shades and finishes. It is not the most neutral palette in the collection, but it is on the more neutral side, with also pops of color. I have previously reviewed this palette, and did take off points for pigmentation. However, I do not think that a worth or value of a palette can be determined by pigmentation alone. I am still drawn to this palette because it can be built up, and I love the texture of the shimmers.

Today's look used all the colors in the palette, as well as one shade from the Modern Renaissance thrown in (Love Letter).

After the pictures, I'll go in with a reflection on how I think the shades apply and perform.

Primer was Milani Eyeshadow Primer (really liking this a lot), eyeliner was Physician's Formula eye booster, and mascara was L'Oreal Original with Curved Brush.

So for this look, I used the cream color to set my primer all along my browbone and in my crease. I then blended in with a fluffy brush the light orange shadow- this is really the only shade I wish had more pigmentation. It really disappears on the eye save for a light hint of color. 

Here you can see Love Letter in the crease. I did blend well with the colors from the Maybelline palette. On the other corner is my favorite matte in the palette- the dark brown. Already you can see a little bit of shimmer in the crease- which is transfer/fall-out from all the shimmer I used on the lid.

 On the lid I put down Too Faced Glitter Insurance, and used all three shimmers. The taupe shimmer went all over the lid. I then basically mixed the two pink shimmers and placed them on the lid. I feel it did create somewhat of an iridescent effect.

Here we have two pictures without flash, in different lighting. 

Final: the mattes in this palette really work best with a denser brush. I used a fluffier brush with the light orange shade, and perhaps that is some of the reason why it continues to be harder for me to get to show up. I used a dense brush for the brown and it really worked well.

In sum: This is an easy to use palette that I know I will continue to use!

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