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Buying Cosmetics from Ebay?

It is important to be so so careful when purchasing makeup from Ebay. I myself have done so multiple times, to various degrees of success. I think purchasing makeup from Ebay can be a good thing, but I do have some pieces of advice, from my own experiences:

1. Don't go for the "celebrity-status" palettes. The Naked Palettes, Mod. Ren., Sweet Peach, Mario, etc., are all palettes that have fakes. And sometimes these fakes are easy to spot. Some are not. If you suspect makeup is fake DO NOT put that stuff on your face. It could be toxic. Seriously.  The likelihood of a counterfeit of one of those is much, much higher, because they are so in demand and have specific and well-recognized iconography. I think it would be better off to avoid them all together. I myself bought the Pulp Fiction Palette and Tarina Tarantino Floriculture palette from Ebay. Both palettes were genuine, and were not as well known as the palettes listed above, but of great quality.

2. Look at the selle…

Mini-Reviews: Empties, Purchases, Tossed Things

Another post! I actually have some empties and recent purchases to talk about. Let's get started.

1. Physician's Formula 2-in-1 Eye Booster Liner, $9. I ran out of this liner two days ago, so I ordered another from Amazon immediately. It is the only liner I've found I can use. Because I had Grave's Disease, my eyes bulge a little. They get irritated and water easily. If I wear regular pencil liner, even waterproof, it becomes a mess by the end of the day. Though this liner is not as black as I would like, it stays put and is easy to apply. I have not mastered wings yet, but who cares. Love this liner. Five stars.

2. Assorted Fyrinnae shadows. Am I down the rabbit hole yet? All this started because I wanted a proper mid-tone purple sparkly shade. A very specific need. Wicked Faeries fulfills this. It is a truly beautiful coppery purple shade. I also love Serendipity and have worn it to work three times now, with shades of taupe and red in my crease. Many reviewers will …

Troublesome Brands

As a consumer, the following brands have concerned me regarding their product quality, but also human quality (?). Though sometimes I fear I am makeup obsessed, I find I am pretty strong when it comes to brands I am utterly repelled by. Of course I could include the usual disclaimer about opinions are subjective, but I also think it is irresponsible to ignore behavior that is simply bad. The shit list is as follows:

Jeffree Star. Racism and sexism are unacceptable. I have no desire to help fund him.Lime Crime. I don't care if DD ever issued an apology. The ignorance to dress up as a Nazi is astounding. I don't think, also, consumers have any reason to trust the company. Morphe. Less for moral reasons, I simply have no idea what the quality of these shadows are. No clue. Reviewers I trust seem to like them, as well as bloggers that I do not. Mattes are suspect, and I don't think their ingredients are revolutionary.  Part of me wants to be contrarian and push back against end…

Decluttering Files, pt 2: KatVonD

One of my favorite places in the world is TJ Maxx. Once in a while I will stumble upon a higher-end product I wouldn't normally find, which works out really well. One thing as of late I've had to work on is to resist buying things at TJ Maxx is simply buying things because they're high end and reduced price. It is a strong lure, but I've gotten better at saying "no."

For instance, the other day I found of one the Too Faced tins, the Cat one, for $16. I got excited holding it in my hand, but I considered the colors. Would I want a smoky cool toned eye? Not really. I put it down and didn't look back.

Another time I saw a Makeup Forever artist palette for $16. This one still stings a bit, but after trying a sample shadow of MUFE, I found I didn't really like the formula. It reminded me a little bit of the Sleek formula, "gummy," a word that Kimberly Clark used that I think adequately describes it. So I don't completely regret that.

Before I…

Review: Sleek "Goodnight Sweetheart Palette"

This palette took forever to get to me from the UK. I did email customer service, who did confirm that it was shipped. They also gave me an approximate arrival date. It took about three weeks, and cost $15, with shipping.

As I was waiting for its arrival, I eagerly and voraciously read as many reviews about the palette that I could. They seemed promising. ReallyRee, for instance, had swatches and a glowing review.

After attempting to use this palette for two months, I have come to the conclusion that such reviews were simply inflated. This palette  LOOKS beautiful, but does not perform well. Simple as that. Let's look at a picture, courtesy of The Sleek website:
Beautiful, right? And this was to be my first Sleek purchase. I had read really positive reviews about the Storm and Sunset palette, but THIS one was more my style.

Okay. The ONLY shade that had a more workable formula was the third one down on the left-hand column. The lightest shade. The gold-pink duochrome. For me, this…

Decluttering Files Part 1: Eyeshadow Palettes

This past year and a half has been full of new eyeshadow purchases. Thanks to the rise in popularity of Anti-Haul videos, particularly from my favorite and the originator of the videos, Kimberly Clark, I've been more conscious of the "buy buy buy" mentality and have learned that I seriously need to reign in my spending, before it becomes a thoughtless habit resulting in me unable to enjoy the things I buy.

I have to say, my weakness is palettes. I know there are serious drawbacks to palettes, and I've tried to select ones that would be strongest for my needs, as well as focus on only buying unique and wearable singles.

That being said, over the course of my developing love for makeup, I have decluttered SIX palettes, ranging from high/mid-end to drug store. For this post, I will talk a little bit about my experiences with them and the conclusions that I have reached about buying, brands, and myself, along with a rating of the palette as a whole (out of a possible ★ ★…