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Some Coastal Scents Swatches

About a year ago I purchased a set of Coastal Scents shadows, one shimmer and a couple of mattes. I was seriously unimpressed with what I received and ended up decluttering all of them. That set included Elven Gold, Paprika, Oktoberfest, Coconut Husk, Chamois Nude, and Oatmeal Tan. Elven Gold was a really boring color, and all the mattes excluding Chamois Nude (which I found patchy) ended up reading very similar on the skin.

For some reason, I ended back on Coastal Scents' site and saw they had another sale, with each hot pot 99 cents.  Doing a bit more research, and especially after viewing Lauren Mae Beauty's recent video on the shadows, I found I was better off buying their shimmers.

I received them and swatched them today. After this purchase, I definitely would buy again from Coastal Scents, though not anytime soon. My z-palette is currently full up and I simply do not have any room.

From top to bottom we have: Dark Goldenrod (my favorite), Panama Rose (second favorite), …

Thoughts on Colourpop's Yes Please Palette (not a product review)

Currently out of stock, limited edition. Restock to be announced.

This palette is an excellent deal, of $16.00. It is also highly rated, with a score of A- from Temptalia. It is also a dupe for a waaaaay more expensive palette, the Sunset Palette, from Natasha Denonona (sp?).

For me, I think this palette is smart and an excellent summer version of the Modern Renaissance.Take a look:

 I love the bright yellow matte and orange shimmer, especially, and feel that I don't really have anything like that in my collection.

What is deterring me, however, are three things:
1.) I am seeing a lot of shimmers that I already do have in my z-palette.
2.) Aside from the yellow and tangerine, some of these colors can be substituted with the Modern Renaissance.
3.) A few days ago I placed an order with Coastal Scents that included the following:
Georgia Peach


 Dark Goldenrod

and Pumpkin Pie

Now, I did not plan on duping the Colour Pop palette, but I've found that the actual swatches of Co…

Lip Products: Collection and Declutter

Today I am going to go over my collection of lip products. I did not think my collection was overwhelming, but I did notice I was holding onto products that I never use.

 Let's begin first with my three favorite traditional lipsticks, all from the Maybelline Color Sensational line. From left to right, the colors are Grey Over It, Touchable Taupe, and Sin-a-Mon.

Swatched from left to right is Covergirl Melting Pout in "Gelebrity." After we have Grey Over It, a matte finish, both normal application and then blended out, Touchable Taupe, and Sin-a-Mon, both with a satin finish. All lipsticks (not the Covergirl gloss) are one swipe. 
What I love about these lipsticks is that they blend in and wear naturally, and is super flattering for me. Even Grey Over It, which is-as the name suggests- a strong grey leaning-taupe, is a bit jarring on first application, it blends into the skin. This is a fantastic line, especially from the drugstore, and I have no desire to declutter them.…

Birthday Post: Game Changers

Today I am feeling extra retrospective. It is my 26th, after all. I would say it has been almost two years since I have gotten into makeup, so today I want to discuss the makeup milestones- or game-changers, as it were.

For me, game-changers are both positive and negative. They have helped me develop insight into technique, aesthetics, and spending. Please read below for my TOP FIVE GAME-CHANGING PRODUCTS. And here's to birthdays.

1. The Modern Renaissance Palette.

Okay, okay. On the off-chance anyone is actually reading this, you've probably heard of this palette. And all of the glowing reviews. And the hype. I will be honest, is this palette perfect? No, of course not. But it is smart. It is excellent. My last higher-end palette was the Nude 'Tude Palette from TheBalm, which was boring and uninspiring. And the MR palette brought to my attention the concept of "neutral" colors, and using brights subtly. As of now, I have panned Tempera, the cream-colored shade, …

June Favorites and Regrets

As June is nearing its last week, I thought I would share my favorites and regrets for this month. 
1.) Milani Strobelight in Afterglow. I purchased this having read Temptalia's glowing review of this highlighter, and the fact that it is a dupe for the Makeup Forever Profusion $30 less. It is a gorgeous product, with a very intense cool-toned reflect. 
2.) Flower Beauty Blush in Sweat Pea. For me, this is a really easy to use, low maintenance blush. One swipe gives just enough color. 
3.) Shiseido Oil-Free Bronzer in 1 Light. I bought this from Amazon at $10, partly because my Butter Bronzer from Physician's Formula shattered in my bag. It is a little more red-toned than the butter bronzer, and long lasting. 

4.) Life's Entropy cream contour stick in Proton. Speaking of easy, this product also gives me a nice and subtle contour with minimal effort, perfect for my morning routine. It's a nice grey-toned taupe. I wish it was a tad bit darker…

The Quest for Purple Eyeshadow

Ever since I anti-hauled the Coloured Raine (CR) Queen of Hearts palette, I concluded that the allure of the palette could be boiled down to one shadow, which was not not sold by CR as a single. This single shadow is called Noblewoman, described by CR as a "Metallic Burgundy with Purple Undertones." 
It is the purple shimmer in the middle of the second column. And I wanted it. I've wanted a mid-tone metallic purple for some reason for the longest time, but I was not going to buy a palette to get it. I've been through a lot of purple shadows since, and today I am going to review them for you. 
Before I explain to you my findings, I want to agree with the consensus about purple eyeshadow. It is notoriously difficult to get right. Please see here for a more thorough explanation. 
This is Inglot #445. I am going to keep this shadow, but I do want to say that I was incredibly disappointed. It seemed to be what I wanted- a midtoned purple, not too red and not too blue, fro…

Eyeshadow Single Review: Ardency Inn Pigment in "Rose Gold"

So the official name for this shadow is Modster Manuka Honey Enriched Pigments. I have been eyeing Rose Gold for a couple of months already, because I love the almost duochrome quality to the eyeshadow, as it reads purple/copper/gold. I've been hesitant in purchasing it, however, because it's $21 for 1.7 g of product.

One one hand, the quality of the eyeshadow is top-notch, and a little goes a long way. On the other hand, $21. That's 1/2 or 2/3 of a palette.

Would I still recommend purchasing this? If the price-tag does is feasible, sure. The benefit of having single shadows is that you don't have to deal with shadows in a palette that are sub-par/not usable. You can select one beautiful shade that you will use time and again.

That certainly applies when it comes to Rose Gold. It is creamy, incredibly pigmented, and blends out beautifully and easily. It's color is wearable, but complex and flattering.

Some say that Amber Rush from L'Oreal is a dupe, but that is…

May Favorites and Regrets

This month has been an interesting one for makeup. I made numerous purchases and want to share with you my findings.

The top products for me of the month have been:

1) The Ordinary Serum Foundation.
My skin drinks this foundation up, and I am left with a natural finish. The only drawback I can think of is the fact that it contains no SPF.

2) The Ordinary Retinoid 2 %
You can read my review of this here. This is a stand-out for this month as I have seen instant results.

3) Nyx Eyebrow Shaper. This is a product that I have been using at the end of April throughout all of May, and even though it is a simple thing- a clear wax crayon- it is perfect for me. I don't do anything really with my brows, aside from plucking them once in a while, so this simply allows me to shape my brows while keeping my hair in place. It is one of those things I don't even have to think about using.

4.) Fyrinnae eyeshadows in: Wicked Faeries and Serendipity. I am really glad I bought these two. They are…

Decluttering Files, pt 3

Hello again! I have some items I recently decluttered, along with some mini-reviews of each of them.

I. Colourpop supershock shadow in Wattles. This shadow is very nice quality, and lasts forever. It is a mauve with subtle bluish shimmer (barely shows up). Though it took me a while, I am decluttering this because I never wear it. I don't know why, but when I wear this on my lid I look sick, and to put this in my crease seems like too much work.

II. Pacifica Island Life palette, from Ipsy bag. I was really excited to get this because it is a great emergency palette. The only really pigmented shade is the mid-toned brown, a rich metallic brown. All the other ones fade rather easily. The formula is very creamy, save for the darkest brown one which is a bit powdery. For me, I am not using this because I do have all these colors already.

III. It Cosmetics Superhero mascara, sample sized from Ipsy bag.  I am pretty sure it is expired because the formula has dried a bit. When  did use th…

Mixing Fyrinnae Shadows

I have a couple of posts for today, but this one is particular was unplanned. I was going through my stash, intending to declutter, when I came across a Fyrinnae eyeshadow called Zanzibar, a highly pigmented bright light blue shade. Though I cannot and will not wear blue eyeshadow, I did not want to declutter it.

So I got an idea.

Maybe I could mix it with another Fyrinnae shadow and change the color?

And that is what I did. I mixed Zanzibar with a rich gold eyeshadow named Gilded Wings, and this is the final product:

So there it is! Green eyeshadow is far more wearable for me, and I am glad that  the product was not a total waste.

Next time you have some Fyrinnae samples that you were not planning on using, I would suggest you try mixing them together, especially if they are of similar formulas!