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MUA Makeup Academy: Lip Butter in "Honey" Review

About a year and a half ago, a brand called MUA appeared at my local CVS. The prices were about the same as other drug-store companies, but because it was new and had interesting products in their line, I decided to try it out.

Upon Google-ing the company (which does not have the most Google-friendly brand name), I found out they are a UK-based budget beauty brand. I wish we had even more of their products here in the states, because they really look beautiful! I also hear the quality is nothing to scoff at, either. I especially yearn for the Undressed Palette.

The product I bought, used up, and bought for a second time is called "MUA professional color drenched lip butter" in Honey, shade number 608. It cost $8.00. Though it is called Honey, it can be built up to a medium-dark burgundy shade that comes off very striking. I would say it wears for about 4 hours, becoming a lovely dark tint on the lips. It is definitely flattering for cool-toned people. There is no scent or ta…