Friday, November 11, 2016

MUA Makeup Academy: Lip Butter in "Honey" Review

About a year and a half ago, a brand called MUA appeared at my local CVS. The prices were about the same as other drug-store companies, but because it was new and had interesting products in their line, I decided to try it out.

Upon Google-ing the company (which does not have the most Google-friendly brand name), I found out they are a UK-based budget beauty brand. I wish we had even more of their products here in the states, because they really look beautiful! I also hear the quality is nothing to scoff at, either. I especially yearn for the Undressed Palette.

The product I bought, used up, and bought for a second time is called "MUA professional color drenched lip butter" in Honey, shade number 608. It cost $8.00. Though it is called Honey, it can be built up to a medium-dark burgundy shade that comes off very striking. I would say it wears for about 4 hours, becoming a lovely dark tint on the lips. It is definitely flattering for cool-toned people. There is no scent or taste to the product, which I do not mind at all.

My only gripe is that the color sample on the top of the product definitely suggests the product contains some kind of glitter or shimmer, but there is none of that in the product.

Other products from MUA that I have purchased is their lipstick, which was too brown on me so I gave it to my mother, and their anti-feathering lip liner. I used up the lip liner rather quickly, however, because I was foolishly using it as a primer for my whole lips, so I don't think I can give a proper review on that.....

Overall, this brand should be considered the next time you are on a hunt for lip products at CVS! I also aim to try one of their eye-palettes. I wish we had more of the variety of products over in the US as they do in the UK, but maybe it will grow in time!

In artificial lighting

Artificial light- note the shimmer...

Natural light- minimalist plastic packaging

Natural light, shimmer not as evident

What the product looks like when twisted

Two swipes on the skin

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