Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Red Edit: My Favorite Red Makeup Products! (+ swatches)

A while ago, I did a write-up on my favorite pink products. While I do have to add more to that list, I wanted to make a list of my favorite red products, considering Valentine's Day is just hours away. On one hand, I don't really care for the blatant commercialization of that day, but on the other hand, hearts, and pink and red, and prettiness! Okay, favorite red products coming up:

So, from left to right, top to bottom, we have the Maybelline Matte Bar Palette, the Wet 'n Wild Coloricon Blush in Blazen Berry, the Coastal Scents single Shadow in Baked Clay, and the Hard Candy Cashmere Silk demi-matte cream gloss in Tartufo. 

Then we have three shades from the Modern Renaissance palette: Red Ochre,  Venetian Red, and Love Letter. 

And finally, the shade Passion from the Norvina palette. 

Here is a shot of all the eyeshadows: Baked Clay, Red Ochre, Venetian Red, Love Letter, Passion, and Brickhouse (from the Maybelline palette). 

Baked Clay is a shade I use once in a while to brighten up my crease when I am using darker reds. It is the closest thing I have to a true red shade, and I keep it around because it blends so well with other colors. 

And while it took me time to figure out how to use and love the reds in the Modern Renaissance, I am really in love with Passion from Norvina. I have been using it in my outer corner constantly, and I think it's useful in the way that so many people loved and used Bitten from Makeup Geek. 

Finally, the shade Brickhouse is of such excellent quality and is so comparable to the other reds here. If you do not have many warm-toned mattes in your collection, and want an easy way to use mattes, I would strongly recommend the Maybelline palette. 

Our last two swatches our of the lip gloss and blush.

Tartufo (left) is like a glossy lip stain, and is the only way I have worn red tones on my lips. Other than that I tend to avoid true red products. Blazen (right) is a perfect shimmery brick blush, and its shimmer has a slight pale pink reflect. I highly recommend all of these products- I also think you can find the Hard Candy Cashere Silk glosses at half off, as Walmart is phasing them out. 

So there you have it! It really does surprise me how versatile red is as a color. I do feel that this year, more than any year before, I have embraced red colors.

Thanks so much for reading!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Hard Candy Gitteratzi Eyeshadow Duo in Mercury Rising: Review and Swatches

This is a new release from Hard Candy, in the style of the new-ish Huda liquid eyeshadow duos. I found mine in Walmart for $7.00.

Each side contains a "glitter" and "chrome" finish, each containing 4.6 g of product.

Each side also has a slanted doe-foot applicator.

I selected the duo Mercury Rising, because I love pink-shifting duochromes with a neutral base.

Let's get into product pics, swatches, and an eye look!

In person, the colors look a bit different. The glitter side actually has a slight pink shifting coppery base, with cool-toned gold micro glitters. In the bottle, it almost looks like a bit of a green shift in certain lights, but that is not apparent on the eye.

The true stunner for me is the chrome side. The pink shift is actually quite strong and cool toned against a warm base. I really like it.

As with all products that have this type of pink pigment, the true intensity of the product can only be caught in certain lighting:

 To its credit, each side of the product sets quickly and did not budge when I rubbed it with my finger. It does remove easily with miscellar water and other cleansing products.

The chrome side is quite easy to build up, while the glitter side is pretty, but does not build up as nicely as the chrome side.

I do have sensitive eyes and I do tend to experience a light stinging sensation when I apply liquid eyeshadow products. I did experience that as well here, but I also experience it with the higher-end Stila liquid shadows. If you are like me and tend to experience a bit of stinging that quickly goes away, you can expect that with this product. For me it's not unbearable, and I will probably use the chrome side again, but I am not going to use the glitter side again.

Here is a look I did using eyeshadow primer. The mattes are from the Maybelline Matte Bar Palette.

The chrome side is on my lid and was fairly easy to work with. It spread evenly and did not clump up. To be on the safe side, though, I did apply it after I completed using the matte shadows.

The glitter is on my inner corner and on the inner part of my lid.

Like I said before, the chrome side is the real winner for me, and I don't really care about the glitter side. I will continue to use this product, even though I do caution people with sensitive eyes, due to the very short-term stinging I felt upon application.

Thanks so much for reading!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

What's New in my Makeup World?

It's been a while, has it not? I feel like I was on such a blogging roll, but necessity dictated a little bit of a break. Still, I collected some talking points on the way that I do want to share with you:

1.) I've been super neutral lately. Not that there's anything wrong with that. One shade that really has inspired this spate of neutral looks is L'Oreal's Goldmine, a long-discontinued shade from their Infallible line that I feel, rivals the sheen and delicacy of higher-end brands. I repressed it into a pan, and this is what it looks like:

In terms of matte colors I have really been favoring, all of my looks this week have been featuring the shade Toasted from Clionadh cosmetics. Toasted is a good name for it, as it is quite brown and warm.

2.) After much deliberation, I bought the updated version of the Menagerie Cosmetics Feral Palette. For reference, this is what it looks like:

I have seen some really cute looks with this palette, so I am eager to try for myself. Some looks I think are especially inspirational are:

Autumn love Everyone is waiting for spring and I'm waiting for autumn. I like this alternative wings in the moment. 😅 I love the eyeshadow formula from @menageriecosmetics so much. I can't wait to try the liquid lipsticks. 👀 Eyes: @makeuprevolution Conceal & Define Concealer in C1 @makeupgeekcosmetics Vanilla Bean @menageriecosmetics Feral Palette: Night Eyes, Mariposa, Ivy and Pack Leader @catrice.cosmetics Glow Patrol Glowy Highlighter in C01 Muse @festivalface Winter Maple glitter @jeffreestarcosmetics Velour liquid lipstick in Yummy and Drug Lord @essence_cosmetics liquid ink eyeliner waterproof @colourpopcosmetics creme gel liner in Puppy @kosmetik4less Lenilash in Twinkle Eyebrows: @colourpopcosmetics Precision Brow Colour in Black'n Brown @essence_cosmetics Make me brow in 02 browny brows
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3.) I also bought the new body mist from Sol de Janeiro in the scent Coco Cabana. It smells like marshmallows and I am here for it. I have been wearing it for three days in a row now.

4.) I have also been using the new mascara from L'Oreal, the Unlimited Mascara, in Brown Black. Though it is a bit gimmicky, I have to say I do like that I can control the angle of the brush, and I do like how it brushes through my lashes. I don't have an official review, but I do like the mascara so far.

5.) I have been watching the tutorials of Regina/Picturresque, and I quite like some of the techniques she uses. She tends to not apply anything directly to her face with an applicator- it's with the brush or fingers. I tried to do that today and will continue to do so.

6.) New Makeup Releases? I am not impressed by what little I have seen from the new Rebel Rose collection from Wet 'n Wild. The colors look boring to me, unfortunately. I also think the new palette Dominique Cosmetics is sneak-peaking is a face palette. We'll see if I'm proven correct.

Also, we're seeing a surge in pink highlighters- which of course I am all for. Melt is coming out with two, which I will probably steer away from as they run pretty high in price. Fenty is also coming out with one called Wattabrat, which I am also appreciating from afar for that same reason.

That's all I got for now! Looking forward to posting more soon!!

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