Monday, September 17, 2018

What's In my Small Z-Palette?

Greetings! I've been a little MIA since work started up again, but I do have some makeup related things to share in some upcoming posts. One post in particular is dedicated to a rather concerning trend I am seeing with recent releases- packaging fails. Such fun! Today's post, however, is another look into my small z-palette.

The z-palette is a Coastal Scents 12-pan palette, and usually I fill it with the single shades curated from my larger z-palette. I find that I rotate through the shades quite consistently.

This is the palette as of today:

I really like how the columns ended up being quite monochromatic.

Fleeced Lined Pillow Fort
Dose of Colours:
Berries 'n Cream
Lay Low
Coloured Raine:
Angel Face
Coastal Scents:
Oatmeal Tan
Making Moves
Dose of Colours:
Blueberry Swirl
The first row is primarily matte/satin. I want to make more progress on Berries 'n Cream, the slightly pink-toned cream. I find I have been using pink more often, so this shade would work well. I also want to get more use out of Lay Low. It reminds me of a lighter, more tightly pressed Love from Norvina, and the two do work well together. And I have been using Howlin' lately, so I decided to put it in this palette just to make it easier to reach for. 

In the second row, Angel Face has a significant dip to it, but I have not used it for a couple of months while it was in the larger z-palette. But I have been in the mood to use it, so I thought it would make sense to place it in here. I also wanted a semi-neutral brown in the palette, and I know I have not been using Oatmeal Tan, though this is a repurchase after inadvertently giving it away the first time.  Making Moves is such a bright and pigmented color, but easy to blend, and I am curious to see how it will behave with Lay Low, which is why they are placed next to each other in the palette. 

The final matte in this row is Blueberry Swirl, such a smart shadow from Dose of Colors. It is the perfect transition between pink/purple and brown. It works well with both warm and cool tones. It's pigmentation is not too intense so I feel I can control the depth of this color with ease.

The final row is of my relatively new Looxi shadows. I have one more, Tesla, in the larger z-palette. I use Mirage the most, which is ironic to me because that is the shade I had the worst first impressions of. What I like about it is that, like w/ Blueberry Swirl mentioned above, it plays with warm and cool. It also has dimensions of different colors, which makes this an easy to use stand alone color.

Bohemian looks like a standard rose gold copper shade a la Amber Rush, but actually has a spark of silver, as well as small purple glitters. It is very striking and I want to use more of it this month. I also want, nay need, to use Boujee, a shadow that appears gold, but actually has a rainbow like shift. It is magical and I hereby resolve to use more of it. Last is Charmed, a duochrome, that I am still figuring out how to use in a way that is flattering. 

So that's it! Do you have any of these colors? Let me know in the comments below!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Today's Face in Review

On my face today I wore:

I have bolded the specific products I am going to discuss in terms of longevity.
  1. L'Oreal Honey Eye Gel
  2. Cerave AM Lotion (SPF 30)
  3. Colourpop No Filter Concealer
  4. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer 
  5. Wet 'n Wild eye primer
  6. Too Faced Glitter Insurance: Along with the Wet 'n Wild primer, this keeps my eyeshadow last all day.
  7. Norvina Palette: Lid- Volatile, inner third- Summer, Inner-corner Dreamer
  8. Dose of Colors (depotted) Single in Blueberry Swirl from the Eyes Cream Palette. 
  9. Colourpop Singles in Hear Me Out (cream color, used to set primer) and Howling
  10. LA Splash Art-ki-Tekt Eyeliner. Falling out of love with this liner. Not only did more of the bristles start poking out, today it ran a bit. Not happy with that in the least. 
  11. Pixi 188 Mascara
  12. Essence Lash Princess Mascara
  13. Pixi Clear Brow Gel
  14. Blush Pixi Beach Rose. I was a bit disappointed with blush today. Usually when I pair it with Makeup Geek's Puppy Love, it lasts a good amount of time. Today I just felt like using Beach Rose on its own, but by the end of the work day, it was gone. 
  15. Highlighter- Too Faced Diamond Light. This lasted the full 12 hours. I was blown away. Everything about this highlighter I love.
  16. Jordana Cream Contour in Light (Bronzer and Contour)
  17. Shiro Powder Contour (Grey toned- to set the contour). I really like this idea, and am very pleased with myself. Basically, the Jordana stick is a bit warm toned, but works really well as a bronzer. However, using it on the face can be a bit tricky, especially if one does get oily over the course of the day. Using the grey-toned powder by Shiro extended the length of the look because it set the cream contour, but also added a more natural grey cast to the contour/hollows of my cheeks. 
  18. Lips- Aquafor Something has been going on with my lips. I think it may be the sudden influx of cold weather. But out of all the balms I have been trying, Aqufor works best. 

 Howlin', Blueberry Swirl, Volatile, Summer, Dreamer. Using all the mattes together was a kind of spur of the moment thing but I really thought they worked together. Blueberry Swirl was truly the perfect transition color, and I feel that perhaps I am just getting better at picking transition colors.

I don't like Dreamer, the light pink gold in the inner corner. I don't think it looks too natural, but it does look great on the lid.

So that's it for now! Thanks for reading.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Products I Did Not Expect to Love, pt 2

Greetings once again! Today I have a slate of products that I did not expect to love. As explained in my last post, it is not so much that I bought the products expecting to hate them, but I learned to appreciate them the more I used them. So essentially, my first impressions were wrong. Muany of these were not risky purchases, either, so my initial expectations were not the highest.

Let's begin!

1.) Coty Airspun. I was gifted this a long time ago by a friend who knew, clearly, what was up. Unfortunately, I was not at that level. Also, the powder was too dark for me. So I ended up giving it away to someone else. Years later, I found a transparent Airspun at Walmart for super cheap so I decided to try again. The smell took a while to get accustomed to, but I've learned to apply it over a dried primer/moisturizer, as well as blended out concealer, and you're all set. For me, the powder looks great over a minimal base, not caked on top of foundation. I have been using it during the summer as an alternative to liquid foundations, and have really liked the results!

2.) Covergirl Quad Palette in Blushing Blooms 720. This quad is not new to Covergirl's line, just repackaged. Out of the four shades, the glitter one is a total dud, but the satin-mattes show up really well. The cream is pink-toned, the pink and taupe are cool toned and blend and build up beautifully. They have a silky smooth texture and are very easy to work with. I was a little hesitant because I did not have great memories of Covergirl's eyeshadows, but that changed when I noticed the shadows have a similar look and consistency to the Maybelline "slurry" (coined by Musings of a Muse) formulation.

3.) Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Mini Bronzer. This was a bargain buy from TJ Maxx, and I did not expect to like this because I got the wrong shade. However, I have been using a very light hand, and placing it in areas one would apply a blush, and I have been really enjoying the results.

4.) Milani Prep + Set + Glow Illuminating Transparent Powder. This one was a bit of a risky purchase, though Mel (formerly Puffin's Wife) sung this powder's praises. I find I am very cautious when it comes to transparent powders, because I just don't have that much experience with them. However, I really like this powder. One: It smells amazing. Seriously.. it is very fresh. I would not wear it as a perfume, but I really enjoy smelling it as a "palate cleanser" to the Coty lol....Two: I had underestimated how silky, and subtly radiant this powder would be. It is definitely worth a try.

5.) BH Cosmetics Concealer. I had tried BH face products in the past, but I did not find them notable. However, the concealer from their Pro Line surprised me. It is somewhat dry, not as dry as Colourpop, but easy to blend and gives off a radiant finish. I also though its lasting power was notable. I have very nearly used up all of it, and I would consider repurchasing it once I finish off the rest of my concealers.

Have you tried any one these? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, August 31, 2018

EoTD: Gold and Taupe


Today's look comes from two products: Covergirl's Blooming Blushes Quad, and the ABH Norvina palette.

I've done this look a couple of times before, but never seem to get great pictures of it. So basically, I take the pink-toned cream shade in the Blooming Blushes Quad and sweep it over my browbone and crease.

Then I took the taupe shade in the quad and blended it in and above the crease.

I took the shade Volatile from the ABH palette, which is a bit deeper, and blended it on the outer corner/crease.

I took the shade Summer, a bright gold/bronze and put in on the lid, blending into Dreamer, a light gold shimmer, into the inner corner.

Basically, I love how this look plays with warm and cool tones, and how much of an impact the contrast creates.

Other things to note- on my face today I wore my moisturizer with SPF, but on top of that I used Coty Airspun. I've never done that before! I really liked the results and plan on doing that again in the future.

Thanks so much for reading!!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

I'm Not Going to Buy the White Peach Palette (dupe post)

But first let me preface this. There are some products out there that just stick with you, even if you've never bought it. Something about that product is like an earworm and you just can't, like Kylie Minogue, get it out of your head.

And I am ashamed to admit, but mine was the Too Faced White Peach palette, made even more alluring with it's discounted price of $22.

Let's look at it, m'kay?

Much of criticism this palette drew was due to the fact it so clearly pandered to lighter skin tones, all while being pretty same-y.

So what is my deal with this?

The color scheme are colorss that I know suit me. There are actually a lot of cool tones in this palette, which is interesting. And there is something calming about the color scheme of this palette- in the way that weighted blankets, oatmeal, and Law and Order, are calming to me.

But I am going to dupe it. Because I can. And because I don't need this palette.

Here we go. From left to right, top to bottom:

1.) Peach Cream: Light warm cream. I've got something from Colourpop (CP).
2.)Peach Suede: A warm-toned pink. I've got Love from the Norvina palette (ABH).
3.) Peaches and Dreams: From the swatches, this is like the most tepid light orange shimmer I have ever seen in my life. It kind of have a slight duochrome quality to it? I am going to go with Rapunzel Had Extensions from Fyrinnae, though RHE packs so much more of a punch.
4.) Creme de la Peach: Temptalia did not have a swatch for this, which is weird. But it looks like a super light matte orange. I would go with two from Coastal Scents on this one- either Tangelo Tint or Pumpkin Pie.
5.) Peach Sorbet: This is such a nothing shade, though, I am kind of at a loss. Like a very light peach. I...don't know yet.
6.) Glistening Peach: This pigment- the pink and gold duochrome- has been everywhere lately. It is in the Jaclyn Hill palette, a Hude palette, and it is in the Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette, which is the shade I am using.
7.) Peach Smoothie: A very light cool pink. The BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil has some that might work, but I am going to actually use a Covergirl quad for this one.
8.) Sweet Fig: Buon Fresco from Modern Renaissance.
9.) Peach Ice: A white shimmer. I would use for mine Soft Gold from ABH.
10.) Fuzzy:  A cool light brown
11.) Off the Grill: A warm black. Can be found anywhere.
12.) The "diamond"of the palette, a purple shimmer with a blackened base. Celestial by ABH, in the Norvina palette.


So much redundancy in this palette my head is spinning a bit. If you have the Carli Bybel Palette or the Norvina palette or even the Jaclyn Hill palette or Huda you have this palette, k? There is no need to spend any amount on it. So hopefully this cured by strange obsession with this palette, and yours too, if applicable.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Makeup Minutia


So first things first, I picked up the Nyx jumbo pencil in Oyster. These products are nothing new, but I was watching one of Dustin Hunter's old videos on them and was inspired. I have a lot of purple/pink duochrome shadows and I think Oyster will act as a really nice base. I disagree with the claim that this particular shade can be worn in its own as a shadow, though.

Next, I have really been enjoying a minimal foundation look. I don't have any BB Creams, but I have been mixing my foundation with my moisturizer and have found the results quite nice.

A while ago I reviewed the LA Splash Arkitekt liner. My review was mostly positive, aside from my complaint that one of the bristles bent out of shape. Since then, a lot more are now sticking out of the brush and it is super frustrating. I am probably going to declutter this soon. There is no need to buy a new eyeliner completely, though, as I still have the Physician's Formula liner on deck. However, when I use that up, I want to try a higher end brush tip liner, either from Mac or Lorac.

Additionally, I have been seeing a lot of gorgeous eye art featuring chunky mixed glitters. However, I find that most cosmetic grade glitters for eye use are very finely milled and that the ones with larger pieces are not recommended for use near the immediate eye area. I kind of want to try glitter in some way, but don't want to risk it. I am also quite interested in the new Mac liquid shadows, so maybe those would be satisfying.

That's pretty much it for now! Tomorrow's post will be about using products I have not touched for a while, so I am super excited about that!


Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Pink Edit: My Favorite Pink Products, at Different Price Points!


I am very excited to present to you today's post on my favorite pink products. Pink is a very relaxing, sweet color, especially cool-toned pinks. So let's jump right in, from left to right, top to bottom.

1.) Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds, by Bath and Body Works, $14.50, but I bought it on sale for about $8.00. The packaging of this container is pink, but I am including it in this post because the scent embodies pink. Described as "whipped vanilla, marshmallow meringue, white magnolia, and sandalwood," it is very sweet without being too cloying, and I have been wearing it all summer. The only problem is that it is not very long lasting, so I do have to reapply it 2-3 times during the day. I really do enjoy the scent! 

2.) The Norvina Palette, ABH. $42. I knew that I was going to get this palette as soon as I saw it. I have also been using this constantly all summer. The color scheme works for me, and I just love the rose and purple tones that come out of it. 

3.)  Maybelline Sensational Shine Compulsion in Taupe Seduction, $6.00. Another lip product in Maybelline's line called "Taupe," and not really Taupe. This is a cool-toned rose that gives an intense shine. It is definitely worth picking up. 

4.) Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon, sample (full size $24) in Glace. I received this from Sephora as a birthday gift, and I honestly did not expect to love this. I thought I had this problem of Bite lip products wearing too warm on me, but this one does not disappoint. It's just...pretty. 

5.) Covergirl Eyeshadow Quad in Blooming Blushes, ~$7.00. I have a review on this coming up on the blog, but I will say the stand out shade in that quad is the pink. It is a cool-toned pink that is super soft and shows up well on my skin.

6.) Looxi Beauty Highlighter in Stripped, $7.50. This is an  iridescent cool-toned pink that, as a highlighter, wears smoothly on the skin.

7.) Looxi Beauty Eyeshadow in Tesla, $5.00. I have been on the hunt for a pink frosty eyeshadow and I don't think I will ever come across one as unique as Tesla. The pink is on the bubblegum side, and it is duochrome with a blue and green reflect. It is a gorgeous shadow!

8.)  Wet 'n Wild Megaglo Highlighter in the Sweetest Bling, $2.49. This is a limited edition highlighter Wet 'n Wild had on clearance. Original price was about $5.00. Now it can be found on Amazon for $10. I would not recommend buying that, though, because currently WnW sells Botanic Dream, which I've read is similar. Still, this is a gorgeous icy pink highlighter.

9.) Wet 'n Wild Zodiac Limited Edition Lipgloss, Cancer $2.50. I purchased this because it's my sign! I was a little scared because I was not sure how it would appear on my lips, but it is not stark white at all. It is a subtle pearly gloss and I would highly recommend it!

Onto the swatches~

From left to right, Maybelline Taupe Seduction, Bite Beauty Glace, Looxi Stripped, Looxi Tesla, Wet 'n Wild Cancer

same order as above, but with Sweetest Bling added to the right

What are your favorite pink-products?

Thanks for reading! (^• ω •^)

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Favorite Shade from my Palette Collection (tag)

Hi everyone!

There is this tag going around that I thought is quite fun. Basically, it's my favorite shade in each palette that I own. What I think is quite cool is that people are swatching each of these shades next to each other to see what kind of "color story" emerges.

We're going to do that, too! For this I am using my big palettes as well as my small quads.

First row of shades:

From left to right:

1.) WnW, Not a Basic Peach Palette, Transition Shade #2. This shade can be found at the bottom of the palette. This is a very warm matte brown that probably can be found in so many other palettes, it is still my favorite.  Something about the pigmentation and formulation about this shade is far superior than the other shades in the palette, and really help create looks with more depth. 

2.) Tarte Pro to Go, Boss. This is a really fascinating color with somewhat of a shift.  It reminds me of a more brown-toned Ardency Inn Rose Gold pigment. I don't wear this as often as I should. 

3.) Physician's Formula Classic Nudes, Matte #2. This was a very underrated release, and in the palette, this shadow looks a lot darker than it is. The formula for this quad is extremely easy for me to work with, and I love the slight olive tone to this matte brown. 

4.) Too Faced PBJ palette, Peanut Butter. The depth and opacity for me is perfect, and Peanut Butter is an excellent, easy to use shade to infuse warmth into a look. As a whole, that palette still excites me and I still really enjoy using it. 

5.) BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette, Leo Shimmer. This is the perfect purple-pink frost that I am obsessed with. For some reason I feel like this cool-toned pink/purple is very elusive, and the quality of the metallic shades in this palette are much different than what I am used to from BH Cosmetics. In the past, the baked shadow formula was a bit dry and loose, but these do have a creamier, wetter consistency. 

6.) BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette, shadow #?? One thing I noticed is that this palette was able to include a lot of very trendy shades, including this rose-brown. It is more pink the Buon Fresco from ABH, and I just think this particular color captures the aesthetic of the palette itself. It also is a really lovely color and shadow.

7.) BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil Palette. This is a pressed pigment shadow this is nearly neon, and is a bright yellow that leans a little green. My eye goes immediately to that color. The way I use it is above the crease, blending it in with a more brown and neutral transition color.

8.) Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Palette in Crown. This is a white duochrome that flashes gold and pink. I accidentally mixed in some of that neon shade from the Back to Branzil palette. In real life, it does not have that slightly yellow tone. Out of all the gorgeous mattes and shimmers in that palette, I never would have predicted that my favorite and most used shade would be this, but I can't help it. It goes well with all my shadows, and it is one of the few shades that I prefer to have in the inner corner of my eye. 

9.) ABH Modern Renaissance in Realgar. To me, this is one of the defining shades of the MR. It is an orange toned brown matte, and it gives beautiful depth to any warm toned look.

10.) ABH Norvina, Rose Gold. I mean....just look at that. For me, though I do have many rose-gold shades, this is the only one in my collection that leans a bit cooler, being a true rose. That distinction is what makes this shade so beautiful to me. 

Overall, it is clear that I love warm tones, but ....not when it comes to pink. All of the pink shades in this post lean cool, which I think is so interesting. And I do enjoy mixing warm and cool shadows together. 

I am very surprised that I didn't pick any golds, but now that I think about it, my favorite golds are all singles. It is possible that none of the palettes I own have a gold tone that outranks all the other shadows in the palette. 

If you have any of these palettes, do we have the same shade? Let me know your thoughts! 

Thanks for reading! ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

Monday, August 20, 2018

Random Face Trios! (Day 1)

To get more use out of my single-compact products, I decided- through a ramdomizer- to sort and select one highlighter, blush, and bronzer, to do a look with. I could have done this for eyeshadow too, but I wanted my eyeshadow look to be inspired by the face products that were selected.

I thought this would be a good way to decide what I like about each product, as well as how they work together.

So, the three face powders I will be using are:

1.) Tarte Blush Feisty, described as a "golden nude," which doesn't seem quite right. Going off of my swatch, it seems to be a bright peach leaning pink.

-Initial thoughts: I've never actually used this since getting in an Ipsy bag a few months ago, and I am glad it was picked, as I am curious about this formula and the color.

-After applying it: This is a very natural looking, easy to use blush. It is a bit sheerer than I would have preferred, but for daily use

2.) Hard Candy Party Girl Baked Bronzer. This is a rose-brown bronzer with a luminous finish.

-Initial thoughts:  I have reviewed it here. I really like this bronzer, but I tend to use it as a combination blush-bronzer. I am not too sure how it's going to work with the Tarte blush. That's a lot of pink.

-After applying it:
It did work well with the blush, though I thought it was still a bit too warm for the bronzer. However, it was very subtle on the skin and I can see why these blushes seem to last forever.

3.) Revlon Color Charge Highlighter.

-Initial thoughts: I am kind of glad this one was picked because the bronzer is so luminous. This highlighter is not too intense, so I am hoping that these three products combined will create a flushed glowing look.

-After applying it: it wore a lot more golden than pink on the skin, which I was impressed with. I still really like this highlighter, even though Revlon and the collection it was a part of was a bit of a fail imo.

Pictures and swatches of the face products:

Feisty, Party Girl, Revlon highlighter

Would I wear this combo again?

I would wear the highlighter and the blush together again, but leave the Hard Candy Bronzer out. I am still of the firm belief it is good worn on its own, for very natural looks.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Anti-Haul: Trixie Mattel x Sugar Pill Collab

To start, I should note that I am going to approach this through the eye of someone who has never used Sugarpill Cosmetics. The brand strikes me as geared or at least friendly to pros, given their offerings of large pans of color, and their higher price tag.

Their most recent collab with drag queen Trixie Mattel strikes me as a bid to appeal to the more everyday consumer.

I mean, I don't mean to be mean, but it kinda looks like a Tarte palette.

Notice how the palette is adorned with yellow roses, even though yellow is not a featured color in the palette? Nice.

A couple of reasons I will be skipping this include the fact that I am not a Trixie Mattel fan. I hate how she was brought back in her season, and she got a lot of praise for mediocrity, while other queens were ignored. I think a lot of viewers saw themselves in Trixie, and made her out to be more interesting/special than she was. That's my hot take.

I am surprised by how low key and boring this palette is. Perhaps because The Little Twin Stars palette (which I thought looked cool) was not received well, Sugar Pill is trying a different approach to compete with other makeup companies? But the Twin Stars palette didn't have great pigmentation. That doesn't necessarily mean that people don't want color.

And before I continue, I know that neutral palettes are and always will be loved. But a limited edition collab should be fun, interesting, and special. If I did not know who Trixie Mattel was, or even Sugarpill, I'd guess this was a Lorac palette.

And guess what, with the liquid lip included, it costs $52.


May I suggest two other face and eye palettes that I personally think are more interesting?

1.) BH Cosmetics x Its My Raye Raye Palette, $22

2.) The Balm Alternative Rock Face Palettes, $27.50

Sorry, Sugarpill.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Does the Modern Renaissance expire?

We're going to talk about the Modern Renaissance, I palette that I bought in August 2016. So, two years ago to the day. As you may or may not know, the palette has a shelf life of 6 months. After which, the quality of the shadows may be affected. This short shelf-life is due to the ingredients.

Now, I can't speak for everyone's experience. But I can show you swatches of the four colors that many claim have "turn bad," as a sign that the palette has "gone bad."

Before I do, I don't think fear-mongering is the right approach. If you sanitize your powder products, and they do not smell or affect your skin, they can last a good amount of time. In terms of the feel of these red-toned colors in particular, they have become grittier, but I find they perform pretty much the same.

Have they turned brown? No.

Here are the brush swatches.

Red Ochre, Venetian Red, Love Letter, Realgar

And the finger swatches:
Red Ochre, Venetian Red, Love Letter, Realgar
The colors are still pretty vibrant and distinct. In my opinion, Red Ochre and Venetian Red became more sheer than I remember, but if anything it makes it easier to work with.

To wrap up. Yes, makeup changes a bit the longer you have it. Just take care of it and use your own discretion.

What's In my Small Z-Palette?

Greetings! I've been a little MIA since work started up again, but I do have some makeup related things to share in some upcoming posts....