Thursday, March 15, 2018

Products You Didn't Know I Bought

Good evening! Today I thought I'd make a post about products I have been using, bought a while ago, but for some reason never even mentioned them on the blog. The reasons for not mentioning these products vary. Let's get into it.

1.) Wet 'n Wild Cushion Foundation. Yes, I actually bought one of these! The advertised "coconut derivative" formulation reeled me in. The problem with this is that it does not match me, and I can't tell if I like it. I do know I enjoy the product a lot more than the Photo Focus foundation, though.

2.) Cerave PM Lotion. I use this nearly daily, and have been liking it just fine! Nothing really to report.

3.) Aden + Anais ultra-gentle lotion. This is when TJ Maxx really delivers. For $6.00, this lotion is light and super hydrating. The brand makes products for babies and mothers, but I would happily pay for anything they sell. I love this lotion.

4.)  Too Faced Glitter Bomb Palette. My great shame. Why did I do this? It was a moment of weakness and stress shopping, and the palette was $12.00. But still, I could have purchased something I actually really like. Okay, I am exaggerating a teeny bit. The matte white and black are excellent quality, but I had zero luck using them as a "base" for the glitters. The glitters are pretty, but I just need time to figure out how to use them. But I haven't bothered reviewing it for the blog because a.) it has been out for a while now and b.) I am not comfortable with the palette yet.

5.) Katy Perry Covergirl Lipgloss. I was going to write a review on this because when I first purchased it, there were no reviews to be found about it. However, after using it, I just could not think of anything really interesting to say about the shade I got. I liked it, and that was it.

6.) Maybelline Mascara, the Colossal Volum' Express. I actually got this one free in the mail from Amazon, but I still have not mentioned it on the blog. I've used it about three times now, as I like to rotate through my mascaras, but I have not reviewed it on the blog. I don't think I have ever really given a formal review on mascara before.

7.) Hard Candy Be Bold color mascara in Cha-Ching (green). I don't mind the formula or applicator of this mascara, but the color was a bit disappointing. I was hoping for a green that would actually be visible and vibrant, and not a strong grey-toned green.

So, there you have it! Products I have bought, used, but never would have otherwise written about them! Good night!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Shopping my Stash: Thursday (Updated)

This is going to be a very informal shop my stash. I want to commit myself to products that I don't use enough in my collection.

Tomorrow I want a pretty matte look.

And today I made one! I am going to include my thoughts and comments under each product description, with a reflection on how it went. 

Instead of my usual cream contour in the shade Proton, I am going to opt for the powder contour Do Your Research, by Shiro Cosmetics.

This is a completely grey contour powder. Applying it was a bit more tricky, because the small cream stick of Proton really lets me be precise, and I don't like that I don't have much control with "Do Your Research." Mine is only a sample size, but I remembered why I don't completely enjoy using it. 

Instead of cream bronzer, I am going to use the brown shade in the duo from Wet 'n Wild called Dulce de Leche. I also have the Nars (um I don't know where these delusions of grandeur are coming from but I definitely meant by Shiseido) bronzer, but I find the finish on that one to be satin.

No complaints here! I find wear time of this product pretty admirable. It also blends really well. 

Finally, I am going to use the shade First Lady by Black Radiance from the Perfect Tone HD Lip Sculptor line. I've mentioned this on my blog before. It's an interesting formula described by the brand as "gel-creme," so it's pretty emollient, but it has got a matte-powdery quality to it- there's no sheen. I love the fact that is has a strong grey tone.

The lasting power of the lip product is not great, but it is a nice color and formula. I applied it only once during the day, but it did fade considerably in-between applications. 

I have not yet decided what direction I am going to go for eyes. I want to use a matte color, but the only mattes I have been using are oranges and browns. Hm. The issue with it being so early in the morning is that I don't want to waste time thinking too much. One one hand, it certainly is my time to focus and get zen before the start of the day, but on the other hand, it is not the time for crazy artistic expression.

So, I totally did what I said I did not want to do. I put Tangelo Tint by Coastal Scents in the crease, and Burnt Orange from the Modern Renaissance palette all over my lid. Using it, I remembered how easy to work with some of those shadows are. The way it spread over the eye and mingled with the shade in the crease was really nice. 

Additionally, I didn't plan this out beforehand but I did use the blush Coral Cove by Milani. I previously roasted this blush for having no longevity, but I was definitely mistaken. Wearing it over powder makes a difference, and I did sent my cheeks with Coty Airspun. On top of that, the blush lasted more than 6 hours. 

For highlighter, I wore Becca's Lilac Geode.

Overall, the look was a bit too warm for my liking. Tomorrow I'd like to go softer, but I'll make a new post on that. 

What I usually do is go by what color shirt I am wearing, which I don't know as of now. Oh well.

I'll update this post later with my findings about the products.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Revlon Color Charge Highlighter: Review

While I was very unimpressed by the blush offering in Revlon's Color Charge line, I also purchased their highlighter, also a pretty expensive product. I bought it at Walgreens for $14, but it sells at Walmart for about $12. Strangely enough, it does not say how much product it contains on the packaging, and I really can't find information online. I am going to guess about 8 g, as the pan is about the same size as the Mary Lou-Manizer highlighter, which contains 8.5 g of product.

While the blush was awful, I was really surprised by how much I found myself liking the highlighter. It is a thinner, drier formula, much different from the thicker, wetter formulas I've been used to.

Before I get into my assessment, here are some pictures:

The packaging also contains space on the bottom for a brush, which is of pretty bad quality.

A swatch on my wrist, applied with a brush. Even though the highlight is not as intense as the others in my collection, it still appears on my face. The drier, thinner powder doesn't emphasize texture on the skin, which I find pretty nice. 

I applied it on my face at five in the morning (which was actually four because daylight savingsss) and when I got home 12 hours later, only a faint shimmer remained. 

Because I couldn't find actual details about how much product is actually in this, I am comparing the size of the pan to the Mary Lou-Manizer by The Balm, just to get some idea about product size. Of course, I can't tell the depth of the pan, so I could be way off. 

Overall, I actually enjoy this highlighter a lot, and plan to use it quite a bit. I have been so used to one type of highlighter formula that this is a nice change of pace. As I noted, it is not as intense as the others in my collection, but it is not that subtle, either. It has much more sheen than, for example, Essence Pure Nude.

I really was expecting to hate this based on the performance of the blush, but the highlighter is quite nice! I am not convinced it is worth $14, though. I think $10 would be a much fairer deal.

Thanks for reading!

Worst Blush Ever? 😞 Revlon's No Rules

Many drugstore brands have rolled out new lines, or entirely given themselves a makeover. Covergirl, for instance, has definitely updated its brand to be a bit trendier. And I feel Revlon, my least favorite drugstore brand (second only to Almay) has followed suit.

They released a strange little line called Color Charge, which is their spring line for "bold" and "customizable" looks.

I was in Walgreen's yesterday when I encountered this line. The first thing I noticed was the lip powder, which comes in two shades. I didn't pick them up, though I had hoped upon first glance, before realizing what it was, that this:

Image result for revlon lip powder

was an eyeshadow palette. Alas, I was wrong, and alas, I would still be met with some additional disappointment.

I saw the blush "No Rules," and snapped it up immediately. A purple drugstore blush, I thought to myself, how fun! It's called "No Rules," so it must be bold! Nope. It should be called "No Pigment," because it actually has no pigment. There is no pigment in this TEN DOLLAR (I am so sad right now) blush.

Oh, you need evidence? I shall oblige.

First off, the packaging is super misleading. You think the pan of product actually is the size of the container. Wrong. The space below is a compartment for a tiny brush that I tossed because it shed horribly. 

With flash. What is shown on my finger is after running it across the surface of the blush 5-6 times. In person, it is a very thin layer of powder, as if nothing was picked up. 

Some ingredients and specs below.

And now onto the most disappointing swatch. 

Do you see that vague sparkly strip of lavender with a slight (a whisper) of blue sheen? No? Trust me, it is there. Building this up on my face was a struggle too.

This was such a waste of money, and I think Revlon was incredibly lazy to misfire this way. A purple blush in a collection about being BOLD,  called "NO RULES," and yet we get basically a suggestion of a product?

I don't out-right fail many products on this blog, but this by far is a perfect example of a fail. Avoid.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Product TMO: Face and Eyes (3)

This is going to be a quick TMO post. I've noticed that I am doing a lot more text posts recently, which I hope is okay for some people. Sometimes it's just a lot easier to describe a product than find a photo and insert it and blah blah blah. It really depends on my mood. Anyway, as always, I write these as I collect information about new product releases. Many times they are things I want to purchase as well, but through the art of the TMO and anti-haul, I point out why a person would not need this in their collection, to ultimately save everyone money.

Let's begin.

The first product I am going to talk about is the Benefit Gold Rush boxed blush. Contrary to what I just said, I kind of have to post a promotional image here:

Where to begin? Now, I am not a packaging or brand snob, but I was shocked to learn that this product is going to be almost $30, based on the packaging alone. It looks like BH Cosmetics. And I say that having purchased and enjoyed BH Cosmetics products. The design of the cake of blush itself is okay, but a bit like crumpled up tinfoil. And that is a tremendous amount of gold overspray. How do I know it's overspray? Because Trendmood posted a swatch comparison of this and the other Benefit boxed blushes, and this appeared to be a lighter Rockateur. Nothing distinctive, just a vaguely peachy reddish color. That's it. This is an easy pass for me because I like blushes that are a little more unique- not ones that try to fool you into thinking they are. Gold Rush? More like Fool's Gold heh.

Next, I am not going to show you the entire line, but just two as examples. TAM Beauty (owners of I <3 Makeup and Makeup Revolution) are coming out with makeup eggs that contain eyeshadows and face powders. Overseas, they are five pounds each. Here, that equates to about $8.00.

Image result for makeup revolution egg eyeshadow easter
Eight dollars is not bad, but shipping is another 8 or 9 dollars. So now I am paying $17, which is definitely not worth it. I know some people can separate shipping from the value of the product, or that they are paying for another product/service, but I can't.

While I think this concept is terribly adorable, and while I was so tempted that I had one of these (the Rose Gold one) in my cart, ready to check out, I couldn't. I just have these colors. And no matter how hard I tried to justify the purchase on the utility of the palette alone, I couldn't. I just think the colors in each egg are so similar, that unless you really like the shade, you're not going to use this product. The amount of repetition was annoying. I also just don't think Makeup Revolution shadows are that great. I've seen swatches of their palettes, including the collaborative SophX palette, and I just was not impressed.

Moving on, the last thing I want to talk about is something I was avoiding a post on because it just seemed rather obvious. I am talking about the Viseart Tryst palette.

First, let's look up the definition of "Tryst." A tryst is a "private, romantic rendezvous between lovers." Ooooh, spicy. What comes to mind are dark, intense colors. Smokey eyes. A more intense, saturated Modern Renaissance, perhaps. What did we get? Basically the Sweet Peach/White Peach palette. Observe:

Image result for sweet peach palette

Image result for white peach palette

Image result for nyx mochi palette

Image result for viseart tryst palette
 I am just annoyed at this point.

If Viseart is the proclaimed upper crust of makeup, than why is it just repeating trends? And for a worse value than what people already have access to? Pass pass pass. 

That's all I got for now! Thanks for reading.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Lure of the Discount (Nyx)

A long time ago, I anti-hauled the entire Nyx In Your Element line. It was a lot of fun, especially because the backlash was pretty much universal- due to the fact that Nyx was selling them for $30.

But now they're half price on Nyx's website.

Should you still buy it?

Many bloggers, including me at one point, proclaimed that if you wouldn't buy the product at full price, then it being on sale is not a good enough reason to buy it.

But is it that simple?

That is not a talk you in kind of post, at all. But I have learned that sometimes, yeah, I would only buy something if I am getting a discount. Because what if I think that the item is only fairly priced that way?


Take the Nyx palettes. No, they were certainly not worth $30. But $15, which is the price range I originally predicted for these palettes, absolutely is. So, if a person was in need of a very specific range of colors, I would not begrudge them at all for thinking the Nyx palettes were a reasonable avenue, now.

The fact is, these look very similar to Colourpop palettes, and I do still feel the palettes suffer from a lot of redundancy, color-wise.

And I realized I ended up purchasing single shadows that basically were inspired by these and the colourpop palettes.

These singles included:
A matte cool pink from Inglot (Air)
A matte purple from Inglot (Air ad Earth)
A matte green from Inglot (Earth)

With this in mind, there is no specific need for me to get these, especially because I slowly am curating a small collection of vibrant, fun mattes, that I will actually use.

But again, do these palettes have potential? Do you have a specific gap in your collection for a specific color range? Then, why not. The discount makes a lot of sense here, because that is what the price should have been in the first place.

Trying to copy a look from Instagram

Hello! Jumping on the bandwagon here by recreating a look I found on Instagram. I have an entire collection of eyeshadow inspiration posts, but I picked the one that looked the easiest to recreate with the colors in my collection:

What I liked a lot about this look was its mixing of warm and cool greens, and contrasting it with a light orange brown in the crease! 

I used:

Coloured Raine Angel Face
The BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette (matte light caramel brown, and highly shimmery teal and green mixed)
The Modern Renaissance Palette (Burnt Orange and Realgar)
ABH Soft Gold
Colourpop Making Moves

How did it go?

My eyeshape is a bit frustrating when it comes to blending things in the crease and outer corner. I complain about this a lot. But I chose the original look because it seemed like a "wearable" daytime way (for me) to wear green.

Making Moves was the most annoying to use because its pigment made it hard to blend, especially the colors in the crease. The shimmers from the Zodiac palette, though, are so gorgeous and smooth.

Would I wear this look again?

Probably Or at least, I wouldn't use the dark color completely over my lid. Maybe half way, next time.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Makeup Movie Inspo: Down With Love

When I was in high school, and had HBO, the film Down With Love played constantly. And I loved it. It was kitschy, satirical, cute, and hilarious.

I've been watching a lot of videos, a lot from Georgia Harris, that discuss fictional makeup inspiration. And weirdly enough, there's something about the makeup in Down With Love that even now I can't can't over.


The movie is set in the 60's, on the cusp of the sexual revolution. Barbara Novak, played by Renee Zellweger,  writes this best-selling novel denouncing "love," urging women to put their wants and desires first. Catcher Block, a writer for a "man's" magazine ends up trying to one-up Novak, but they both end up falling in love.

What do I love about the makeup in this movie?


Renee Zellweger has very hooded eyes, so what they did was line them with mascara to make her blue eyes pop, and add one light shade on the lid.

dwlrz001.jpg (565×475)

This movie's use of color is everything!!!

46b5baf597b00210a38d23279de22f4e--renée-zellweger-movie-costumes.jpg (236×363)

Below, we have a bit of blue eyeshadow and a light lip color.

Barbara-Novak-Catcher-Block-down-with-love-6437935-700-462.jpg (700×462)

img.jpg (2000×845)
We can see white eyeshadow here, perhaps to contrast the black of her dress. Notice Mr. McGregor's inversion of this color scheme. 
But my favorite look from the movie? When Catcher tries to apply for a job at Novak's magazine, as one last appeal to her.

She is wearing all-white, and a dash of blue eyeshadow.

Looking at the stills now, one can easily see her brows are a different color. So the hair change shouldn't have been that big of a surprise.

Now, I don't wear blue eyeshadow. Or white eyeshadow. But what I appreciate so much from this film is how simple looks can be so effective. Of course, this simplicity is from the mod style of the 60's, completely counter to the hippie movement, but I like this so much. I feel like the makeup almost helps emphasize the rapid-fire movement of the dialogue, the jokes, the pace, the visual gags, etc.

Not only that, Novak has very very light blush on the apples of her cheeks, and a slight sheen on the high points of her face. Very simple, and at times Zellwegger almost gets washed out, but the eyes and lips save it.

How do I draw inspiration from this?

My one-shadow looks. Me going heavy with eyeliner on the corner of my eyelid that is most prominent. Choosing one feature to emphasize, rather than all of them.

If you have not already, please watch this film! You won't regret it.

Thanks for reading!

I Have a Problem With Glossier's New Lidstar Eyeshadows [quick TMO]

Sold in $30 duos. That does not make this a better deal than Stila. Because I still need to pay $30. If I had the option to pay $15 for one, than it would be a better deal. But I don't have that option. So even though it's more product, I am still making a more expensive purchase.

But there's more. Let's look at the colors:

Image result for glossier lidstar

These swatches...are not helpful. Besides the shimmery bronze, they all look the same. Ridiculously light.

Seriously. I would hope that the colors would be complex, vibrant, but we really have subtle washes here, folks.

It's quite boring, quite expensive, and to the magazines proclaiming one will want to empty their wallet for it is....repugnant.

I am not going to buy these because I have metallic shades. Because these do not impress me. Because I am not in love with the value, either. Hard pass.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Orange Sheen EoTD

I am very pleased with how my eye look turned out today, so I thought I'd share. Let's get right into pictures, and then I'll describe how I did this look.

 The first thing I did was primed my eyes with Wet 'n Wild primer.

Then with a fluffy/flat brush that is actually called an "Illuminator" brush, I took the Coloured Raine shade Angel Face and then blended that all over my crease and up towards the browbone.

Then, on the primed lid, I applied the shade Caramelized by Coastal Scents onto it with my finger.  I blended some even a little bit in the crease, too.

I then took Coastal Scent's Tangelo Tint on a medium-sized blending brush and blended that into the crease, making sure that all the shimmer in the crease was blended away.

On the outer corner I took the Coloured Raine Shade Empress and blended that into the outer corner, into the crease. I used a larger blending blush for this.

Overall, I was super pleased with this look! 

Thanks for reading!

Hard Candy Fierce Effects Lipsticks: Review and Swatches

I truly believe Hard Candy is a strong competitor to brands like Wet 'n Wild. I have vague memories of the brand during their non-Walmart days, but I think their acquisition by Walmart and recent releases have all been steps in the right direction.

For instance- take their Fierce Effects lipsticks. I have three to talk about today. I bought two of them for $5.00, and one was half-off for $2.50. Each contain 3.2 g of product. 

The shades on the docket for today are:

Bloodline, a red-toned brown
Nudist, a grey-toned light rose-brown
Purple Reign, a grey-toned medium purple (this is the one I bought on clearance) 

Here are some pics:

(l-r) Bloodline, Purple Reign, and Nudist. They are housed in a metal tube that has silver-toned divots. It is a very simple but eye-catching design. 

My swatches do not go in the same order. Below, from left to right they are Purple Reign, Nudist, and Bloodline. 

With/flash. Purple Reign looks a less pink in person. 

Without flash. 

In regular light. The photo below shows my arm after I wiped the lipstick away. There is some slight staining on each shade, even the lightest one.

 My review:

The creaminess of the formula of these long-wearing satin lipsticks is both a blessing and a curse. They are hydrating, formulated with Argan Oil, and smell like grape. The colors are super flattering for me, but I don't like the name of Nudist, because nude skin and what flatters nude skin varies from person to person. I love the strong grey tones of Purple Reign and Nudist because the colors are muted but still intense and don't make the teeth yellow.

Additionally, a little bit of the lipstick goes a long way. You can control how much pigment and intensity you get, and with a formula like this, you kind of need to.

The formula and colors belie its price point...but the packaging does not.

The issue is that the formula is so soft and creamy that the bullet of lipstick can't stand up straight in the tube. It can break off whatever keeps it attached to the bottom, and we run into problems like this:

The other two shades in my little collection are not as bad as this, but then again, this shade is the one I wear most often. 

So, either the formula has to change so the lipstick is not as soft, or the packaging has to change to prevent breakage. I don't know what the answer is. 

All in all, problems with the packaging are a little frustrating, but the price point is so reasonable that these issues don't prevent me from using and enjoying these products. 

If you are ever in need of a lovely lipstick, definitely check these out! Just be sure to be a tad careful with application.

Thanks for reading!! 

Products You Didn't Know I Bought

Good evening! Today I thought I'd make a post about products I have been using, bought a while ago, but for some reason never even menti...