Products I am Trying to Use Up

I am by no means a Project Panner. I don't like feeling rushed to use or complete a product, especially because I don't think my collection is necessarily out of control. However, there are a couple of products I have that I like,

 but I really want to use up. So, today I'll go through each of these products, and whether or not I will repurchase them.

1. Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist. First, the positives. I do love how this makes my skin look and feel, especially after finishing makeup application. It is refreshing and does, for me, help with oil control. Negatives: The spray has become so annoying to use. I am about 78% finished with the product, but the spray really got worse over time. It's hard to press, and does not create a fine mist.

2. Wet n Wild Setting Spray: So I had some of this product still in the bottle. But from prior experience, since this was my third time buying this spray, I knew this amount would not be usable. When it gets low, the mist becomes weak and not terribly helpful. So, I dumped the rest of this in the Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist. We'll see what happens. After I use up the Pixi Mist, I probably won't repurchase that or the Wet n' Wild, until I finish the L'Oreal Spray, as well as the Urban Decay one.

3. Urban Decay Primer Potion. This stuff will not run out. Seriously. But I am almost there. I do like this primer, but I will not repurchase. I have found the Milani primer is just as good, and formula wise feels very similar.

4. Nyx Away We Glow Highlighter in Crystal Glare. I am about 50% done with this product, maybe 60%. It is hard to tell. I like the effect of this highlighter, and I think it is very long lasting, but I just don't like cream products. When all my other face products are powders, using this and then blending it in is just a pain. It is really pretty, though. (With a rather short shelf life, though).

5. Affinitic Snail Cream. No, I would not repurchase.  I mean, I did not actually purchase this in the first place. It was from an Ipsy bag. But I do like this facial cream. I added it to my list because I found this recently after having lost it, and thought it would be quite easy to use up. I am not sure what I plan to do with the container afterwards, though. Maybe use it for lip balm?


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