Sunday, August 27, 2017

Products I am Trying to Use Up [Update 8/27]

I am by no means a Project Panner. I don't like feeling rushed to use or complete a product, especially because I don't think my collection is necessarily out of control. However, there are a couple of products I have that I like,

 but I really want to use up. So, today I'll go through each of these products, and whether or not I will repurchase them.

As of 8/27, I've made some progress in this pile of products! For the sake of ease, I've included that update throughout my reviews! 

1. Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist.
First, the positives. I do love how this makes my skin look and feel, especially after finishing makeup application. It is refreshing and does, for me, help with oil control. Negatives: The spray has become so annoying to use. I am about 78% finished with the product, but the spray really got worse over time. It's hard to press, and does not create a fine mist.

2. Wet n Wild Setting Spray
 So I had some of this product still in the bottle. But from prior experience, since this was my third time buying this spray, I knew this amount would not be usable. When it gets low, the mist becomes weak and not terribly helpful. So, I dumped the rest of this in the Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist. We'll see what happens. After I use up the Pixi Mist, I probably won't repurchase that or the Wet n' Wild, until I finish the L'Oreal Spray, as well as the Urban Decay one.

Update #1. So, in what I consider to be a pretty smart move, I poured the rest of the Wet n' Wild setting spray into the Pixi Bottle. Having more product in the bottle definitely made the PIXI spray more fine and mist-like, but the amount of product in that bottle didn't really change much, due to the addition of Wet 'n Wild. What I will say is that I like the combination a lot. I've been using it a lot since, and intend to continue using it. 

3. Urban Decay Primer Potion.
This stuff will not run out. Seriously. But I am almost there. I do like this primer, but I will not repurchase. I have found the Milani primer is just as good, and formula wise feels very similar.
Update #2. I will repeat: took forever to use up. But I am finally done. I cannot physically squeeze anymore out of the bottle. If I really cared, I could cut open the bottle and see what I could scrape out, but I am not going to do that. I already have the Milani primer on deck, so there is no need. I 

4. Nyx Away We Glow Highlighter in Crystal Glare.

 I am about 50% done with this product, maybe 60%. It is hard to tell. I like the effect of this highlighter, and I think it is very long lasting, but I just don't like cream products. When all my other face products are powders, using this and then blending it in is just a pain. It is really pretty, though. (With a rather short shelf life, though).
#Update 3: Argh. I have not made much progress with this, because I also have a Milani double sided highlight and contour pen thing, which I don't really like. Additionally, I have not been wearing too much makeup these past few weeks, and I don't enjoy the extra work I have to put in for this.  I decided to move this back to my face-products drawer for now. 

5. Affinitic Snail Cream.
No, I would not repurchase.  I mean, I did not actually purchase this in the first place. It was from an Ipsy bag. But I do like this facial cream. I added it to my list because I found this recently after having lost it, and thought it would be quite easy to use up. I am not sure what I plan to do with the container afterwards, though. Maybe use it for lip balm?
Update #4 All used up! Was a good moisturizer, but I will not repurchase. Nope. Instead I am using the Goat's Milk Nourishing Night Cream by Ziaja. 

Now, I will also add to this recently panned shades from my eye products! In my last eyeshadow files on the Modern Renaissance, I had only panned one shade:: Tempera. Now, I also have a small pan in Vermeer and a pin-sized one in Golden Ochre. I don't know why, but I feel myself trying to use up the lighter shades in this palette. I think it is because they don't "wow" me as much as the darker shades. 

When I first bought the Modern Renaissance was just beginning to use it, I was like "THIS ENTIRE PALETTE IS PERFECTION." Now I know that it's not. The ones I am, surprisingly, hesitant to use up are the rich oranges and reds- who would have thought? And it pisses me off that Raw Sienna and Burnt Orange are so similar that they practically perform the same function on the eye. Bummer. 

In my Z-Palette, I am also trying to use up a depotted KvD shade from the Chrysalis palette. The giant cream-colored matte called "Lifelike." It was repressed as a result of colllateral depotting damage, so it was already very loose. This is a heavily panned shade already, and I will probably be done with it by the end of September. In terms of alternatives, I plan to pan "Berries n Cream," a more pink-toned version of this. 

So that's it, folks! 

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