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Eyeshadow Files, pt. 1 : Modern Renaissance

I am officially on a makeup no-buy until I begin work again in September. This is not too daunting for me, because I think I have too much makeup. As I do my makeup in the morning, I am now trying to use consciously reach for products that I haven't used in a while.

So I thought I would use this time to look at some of my eyeshadow palettes, and analyze shade by shade. What have I panned, are close to panning? What have I never touched, and why?

These really won't include swatches, but rather pictures of the palettes and anecdotes of my own experiences.

Today's palette comes at an opportune moment. The failure of Subculture has caused many to re-evaluate their experiences with its "golden" predecessor: the Modern Renaissance (MR). Now, I've had this palette for a year, and I do think it still is an excellent palette, though prone to fallout.

MR was the first high-end palette that I bought and really liked.

As of today, this is what my palette looks like:

Panned Shades: 
Tempera. This is a really beautiful shade for me. It matches my skin tone and has fine, subtle shimmers in it. I was really hesitant about continuing to use it after hitting pan, but then I realized that is a ridiculous mindset to have.
Vermeer - Inner corner highlight. I used to use this all over the lid, until I started using darker shimmers for that. (panned as of 8/19)

Heavily Used Shades:
Golden Ochre- Good for the crease and blending with the orange
Burnt Orange- Adds subtle color
Buon Fresco- Same as above
Warm Taupe- The lighter mattes mentioned in this section were used heavily when I first got this palette, but then I started to just use Warm Taupe in the crease. A great workhouse shade.
Cyprus Umber- Used for the outer courner.

Moderately Used Shades:
Raw Sienna: I always think I confuse this with Burnt Orange, but I end up using Burnt Orange more. This is a nice warm medium brown shade. I'd like to use it more, but I also have many mattes like this.
Primavera: This is not an exciting gold shimmer. It's pigmentation is medium, but it is a rather pale gold and I have more saturated golds in my stash. Still, I do use it in the inner corner, as well as on the lid sometimes.
Antique Bronze: This shade frustrates me because the shimmer is VERY muted and glitter fiends may not be satisfied. I think this shade is great on the lid to create a brown smoky look. 

Rarely Used Shades:
Red Ochre: I've only started to really enjoy this shade and not be scared of it, and the other colors listed below. I've been blending it into the crease as well as a little on the outer corner, especially to complement a gold lid. 
Venetian Red: See note above.
Love Letter: This is the only shade I have not used in a look I enjoyed. I've barely touched it. I don't know what it is, but I feel like I need to try a bit more.
Realgar:  Same as Red Ochre and Venetian Red. 

Level of Usability overall NOW: (on a rating from 1-impossible to use to 5- super easy). 4. I feel like I have not explored so many possible combinations, but I do feel like I have gotten over a fear of the reds and oranges. The pink, however....

Course of Action:
1. Pair more muted mattes with some of the more intense ones.
2. Attempt to use pink and see how it goes. 
3. See what antique bronze looks like in the crease. 
4. Bring in other shimmers to expand possibilities of palette. 


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