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Hi there!!! Welcome to Siren's Talons, a blog about my nail polish experience.

What you can expect:
amusing personal anecdotesconsumer commentaryreviewsswatchesamateur nail art   What I like in a polish:
manageable flakiescool colorsBASICALLY ANY SHADE OF PURPLE, EVERmanageable texture (Essie's Belugaria being an example of unmanageable)sheen, sparkle, shimmer, glitter, holos, etc etc. durability  Why "Siren's Talons?"
because I really am a siren *flips hair* because all the available nail/polish related puns have been pretty much exhausted
I use basically the same terminology/jargon as most other bloggersEXCEPT for "nude." nude =/= beige. Beige is not everyone's skin tone. If a polish is beige, then it's beige.   Hope you have as much fun as I will!